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Lady Lynx Volleyball team getting stronger every day

The Lady Lynx volleyball teams played two different games at home this weekend, starting with Rockpoint on Thursday evening. The Junior Varsity (JV) team played well but has some struggles passing, which gave Rockpoint the upper hand and allowed them to take the win over the Lynx. The Varsity team unfortunately didn’t start off great against Rockpoint and suffered a painful loss of 1-25 in the first match. Naveya Estrada came alive and led the team as she hustled around on the court and made some key plays. The girls picked it up and started playing better in the second and third match, but were not able to come out on top. The girls lost to Rockpoint in three matches.

Left to right, photos by Neveah Benson:

  • Rylee Anderson (8) and Jacey Castor (10) attempt to block.

  • Naveya Estrada goes for the kill as setter, Danni Waters (50) and Charlie Anderson (13) look on.

Friday was a new day for a fresh start against Escalante. The JV team started off great with Gracie Castor serving five in a row with no return from Escalante. Once Escalante caught fire, they were tough competitors. One Escalante player in particular had great serves, and the Lady Lynx could not figure out how to dig the ball. The server alone won the game for Escalante. The JV team lost in three matches, but played great when they were able to get their passes to the setter. McKayle Robinson had some great hits, as well as Gracie Castor and Jaycee Bundy. Emmie Tait led the team with four kills, followed by Lainie Heaton with two kills. Serving errors were minimal and helped the girls stay in the game.

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The Varsity team was ready to hit the ground running and played tough. A few of the younger girls were able to get some playing time as they helped the starting line up in a few instances. Jacey Castor had a great block and two kills. Similar to the JV team, the Varsity team struggled getting the ball to the setter but when they did, magic happened! Charlie Anderson finished with five kills and two blocks. The team as a whole had very few serving errors. Coach Thempi Brinkerhoff says, “We are working hard this week and making adjustments to hopefully being home a win this weekend! We have some really talented girls that we are just trying to find the way they best work together as a team.”

The girls will head to Shonto on Thursday, September 14 for a Varsity only game. Then will host Music Mountain on the Fredonia home court on Saturday, September 16, at 1 and 2 p.m., Arizona time.

Come support your Lady Lynx!



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