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Buffalos stumbled by absence of senior-trippers promise comeback toward Region

On Wednesday, April 17, the Buffalos stomped their way to Fillmore for a tournament minus the reliable services of their more seasoned stalwarts basking in the fun-and-sun of Southern California during their Senior Trip. Even so, the Girls Team led for the second week in a row by #1 Top Individual ace Rachel Cox, whose 92 was three strokes over her previous outing’s 98 on the day. Kaylee Brinkerhoff claimed #3 with a score of 97 by bettering 10 strokes off her last tournament; freshman Emma Cox placed #9 at 111, a 4-stroke improvement, and fellow newcomer Kimber Cluff clawed up to #10. Thus, though sporting four players among the Top 10 ranks, their four score-counted shots totaled 414 into second place, which was two strokes behind the Top Team, Wayne Badgers at 412. Jane Jennings jazzed 117 and Kenzee Brinkerhoff brought 142.

Left to right, photos by Jerry Melrose:

  • Kayleee Brinkerhoff from a lie between the golf cart path and the sand trap shooting for the flag on Hole #5 at the Paradise Course in Fillmore. She says, of her team’s play on the day, “I think it was great! I mean, even without JuJu (senior Julia Hoyt) we still did great. Our team placed second and we were only two strokes off. I think it’s really great to see, especially, some of these younger girls [who] aren’t experienced come up and starting to continue into next year.”

  • A surprising bright spot for the Boys team, of whom Coach Jeremy Chamberlain boasts, “One of our freshmen did fantastic. Weston Baird, his first tournament, shot a 90, which is fantastic!”

As for the Boys, Keenan Chamberlain was the sole Top Ten finisher placing #7 with 85. Waylon Spencer and first-timer Weston Baird both notched 90. Warren Spencer warranted 95; Boede Cox caught 97 and Payson Harris played for 108. Their #4 placement came to 360, which was 21 strokes off the mark set by #1 Wayne’s 339.

Assessing things, Coach Jeremy Chamberlain responded, “So, yeah, today wasn’t our best showing. We struggled a little bit not having Ivan, our number one, and Johnny, I guess three or four golfer, and Julia with the Girls team. But, all and all we did good. One of our freshman did fantastic. Weston Baird, his first tournament, shot 90, which is fantastic, fantastic! So, really pleased with that. So, this is gonna show us, I think, it’s gonna give us a lot of experience to the ones that showed-up who will be part of our team next year. Anyway, we missed Ivan and Johnny. Just flat out, we missed the leadership and we missed the ability to score: the pressure! Keenan did good again today; pleased that he tied for seventh. He placed in the Top Ten the last three times. So, that’s good for him. We’ll rebound and comeback to Beaver [April 24] for our last tournament before Region [May 1 in Richfield.]”

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