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Buffalos shaping-up strong for State with many qualifiers

The Kanab Freshman/ Sophomore Meet yielded a memorable result as described afterwards by Head Coach Joseph Sorensen, “Brianna [Martinez] broke the school record in the high jump, which is pretty awesome! One that has been around a really long time. Jane [Jennings] did really well. All the kids, actually, did really good. I think Jane had a first and second. Holden [Harris] did amazing! And just all the kids had really good PRs today. It was a fun way to represent freshmen and sophomores.”

Left to right, photos by Jerry Melrose:

  • The agonizing loneliness of the long-distance on the face of second-season man Justin Baird during the Golden Hour dusk of the Kanab Freshman/Sophomore Meet, where he competed here in the 1600m Run [5:16.81] and the 800m [2:20.53]. At Milford later in the week, he ran only in the 800m [2:17.40], improving his PR by 3.13.

  • Top-flight star Kimber Reeve flourished with her first place finish here in the Discus, second place in Shot Put and third place (by an inch) in Javelin at the breezy Milford Invitational. Consistently among the highest echelon of Field performers, she promises to have some memorable accomplishments to close-out her Valley career at State.

Brianna leaped into Valley history with her 4’ 11” high jump, in addition to her 13’ long jump. Krysta Nelson notched in high jump [4-4.0], in long jump [12-3.0] and javelin [50-7.0]. Desi Sorenson scored in long jump [12-3.0] and 300m hurdles [1:08.3]. Jane joined in the 100m Dash [13.72], the 200m Dash [28.94] and 400m [1:05.86].

Holden competed in shot put [30-6.5], discus [86-08.00] and javelin [50-7.00]. Justin Baird was in the 800m [2:20.53] and the 1600m [5:16.81]. Jerry Tay Young raced the 100m Dash [13.81] and the 200m [27.84].

Of the Milford Invitational on Saturday, April 11, Coach Sorensen commented, “We had a good Meet. So, we had four new individual State qualifiers. Johnny [Cox] qualified in the shot put and the discus. And then, we had Jane Jennings qualified in the 400m. And then, we had lots of top-three finishers. So, Kimber finished third in the javelin, second in shot put, first in the discus and then our 4x1 [100m Relay] Girls team got second by two-onehundredths of a second [in a photo-finish between Enterprise, Beaver and Milford.] Then, we’re going on to the random [200-200- 400m sprint] medley: so, they got first place in the medley. A great meet over all! So, we’ll have next week off [for the junior prom] and then hit Delta the week after. And then, one more meet after that, before State, in Region.”

For the Girls, in field events, Kimber Reeve won #1 [95-04.0] in the discus followed by Athelie Nielsen at #30 [47-03.0] and Desi #31 [46-08.0]. Kim placed #2 [31-02.0] in shot put, including Raigen Frost as #27 [21-01.0] and Desi #31 [17-11.5]. Kim was #3 [103-07.0] in javelin, in which Raigen ranked #27 [21-01.0] and Desi #30 [44-08.0]. In the high jump, Brianna cleared as #4 [4-09.0]. long jump added Annie Leyland into #9 [13-08.5] along with Bella Barrick at #10 [13-05.75], Brianna #12 [13-02.75], Jane #13 [13-02.0] and Desi #24 [12-01.5].

In the 100m Dash Jane ran #3 [13.96] and Maddie Cox #6 [14.22]. In the 200m Annie was #16 [13.63], Karsi Cox #23 [32.59] and Lexie Young #37 [40.57]. For the 400m, Jane came in #4 [1:05.99], Macey Griffiths #14 [1:12.04] and Marlee Hoyt #20 [1:18.09]. In the 800m Run, Maddie was #3 [2:38.40] Marlee #16 [3:14.09] and Lexie #26 [3:36.70]. In the 1600m Run, Elora Williams finished #4 [6:40.52], as did Maddie Osterhout #4 [13:29.93] in the 3200m. In the 100m hurdles, Karsi came in #8 [20.71], Macey #9 [20.88] and Bella #11 [21.81]. The 800m hurdles had Macey at #7 [58.76], Karsi #8 [58.96] and Brianna #10 [1:03.01]. They posted #1 [5:06.76] in the Sprint Medley Relay and #2 [54.66] in the 1x400m Relay.

The Boys’ results consisted of Boede Cox placing #7 [56.57] in the 400m dash and Justin Baird as #9 [2:17.40] in the 800m. In the long jump, Boede was #8 [18-04.5] along with Johnny’s #8 [18-03.0]. In the discus, Johnny hurled for #5 [109-11.0] and Holden #15 [96-01.0]. In shot put, Johnny pushed into #7 [39-00.0] and Holden to #35 [28- 05.0]. Johnny threw to #9 [128-00.0] in the javelin and Holden had #35 {28-05.0].

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