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Buffalo gals coming out strong toward formidable competition ahead

“Yeah, they’re doing good,” acknowledged Coach Harmony Cox in light of her team’s second straight season-opening three-and-out sets, this time versus the visiting Wayne Badgers [25-22, 25-12, 25-16]. “We got a little bit closer, I think, to our goals for serving percentages, even percentages keeping the ball in. We’re not there yet; so, we’re going to keep plugging along. We’ve won a battle, but not the war. So, we’re just pressing on.”

Rachel Cox executes her signature hop-skip-and-a-jump serving style in front of stalwart fans: faithful Bonnie and awe-struck Bruce Harris. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Sophomore spark plug Rachel Cox, assessing the team’s performance said, “They’re doing so good. Our passing was unreal tonight. Everything was so insistent, even though, when it wasn’t, we still made it really, really hard for the other team to get it.” Then, referencing a spectacular seldom-seen diving maneuver, with the back of her hand to floor the ball caromed straight up to where it was kept in play to ultimately win the point, she commented, “And on that ‘pancake,’ you know, it was a perfect angle; but it wasn’t quite high enough. And I should’ve asked for help, and I was, like, freaking: ‘Are you going?’ but gave it my all and made it.“

“That’s the way we played the whole game, just giving our all, trying our best; we pulled out ahead. I think the first set, when it was tight, and we were tough, and kind of got them out of it. And then, the last two sets it was on a roll and were just unstoppable.”

JV Coach Karin Peterson offers her perspective on their likewise unblemished record. “We’ve had two matches so far this season; and it’s about to get really busy with a lot of games coming up. So, we practice all together and work hard: the JVs, the middle bunch. And we have some varsity players, some younger players. But, together they’re working hard to learn difficult rotations and get better at things we have to get better at: hitting, serving, digging.

“We always keep track of where we’re at, ‘cause there’s always ways to improve. So, looking forward to a good season with lots of work ahead of us. We’ve got a good bunch of girls this year, and any match is anybody’s match! So, there’s a lot of work. A lot of potential, but a lot of work required to be the best we can as a team and individually. So, we’ll just keep plugging along.”

Next up, all away games: Panguitch (August 24), Parowan (August 25) and the Dixie Invitational Tournament (August 25-26).

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