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Valley eyes the mountaintop with widespread early season wins

Ruth Cox. Photos by Jerry Melrose.

The 1A preview took place at Snow College’s Sevier Valley Center in Richfield on November 18-19. The Lady Buffalos entered one game each day. In Friday’s first match-up after a frigid 6:45 departure, they captured the Green River Pirates: 62-26. The next day at 11 a.m. was the match with the Manilla Mustangs, whom they mastered 69-33. That’s a differential of 72 points.

“You know, it’s just a great bunch of girls,” effused Head Coach Dustin Cox. “It’s fun to be back in the swing of things: back in the season. It’s fun; they really click together good. Communication is the key, and that’s what really puts them together. What kept them in it so strong, is that we just kept communicating. When communication dips, someone says something, we gotta get it back up; so we start communicating. And, that’s a principle, right?

Ruth Cox, senior: “I’m so excited for the students; there’s only 10 of us. Seven of he girls will have only JV. The rest: me, Janni (Hoyt) and D’Aundra (House) will come in and play Varsity. And so, that’ll be a little rough; but, like, it’s great conditioning for the whole team. And I’m just super-excited through the season. And I’m sad that it’s my last go-round; I’m excited for one more go-round!”

“All problems happen because there’s a lack of communication. So, if we can keep communication up, then it’ll be a great season.”

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Freshman newcomer transplant from Mesquite, Andee Anderson, says, “Starting out, like, all the older girls that the team is made of, are really accepting. So, it’s easy like, to go out and play like you have before. As for the season: it’s going good!”

Keen-eyed freshmen both, Maddie Cox and McKaydee Bauer racing up-court in their 62-26 falling of Green River. Acknowledges Maddie: “I’m super-excited to play with the seniors! I really look up to them. I’m just super-pumped to see how the season goes.”

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