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Utah Division of Drinking Water Board awards grant for Kane County hydrology study

by Anson Clarkson, KCWCD

On August 31, 2021, after a recommendation from division staff, the Utah Division of Drinking Water Board unanimously awarded a $135,000 grant to the Kane County Water Conservancy District to perform a hydrogeological study on the status of available water in the district. The district hopes to verify water sources from the Navajo Sandstone and Lamb Point aquifers for potential development and future use. The district also desires to find any hydrogeological relationship between the Kanab Creek Drainage and the Johnson Canyon Creek basin.

The hydrogeological study stems from a request by members of the Kanab Irrigation Company, including Kirk Heaton, to verify water sources as the district pursues county-benefiting projects.

“Every now and again you have to check and make sure you have the resources you need to do great things,” District Executive Director Mike Noel said. “We are thankful for the concern of our friends at the Irrigation Company. We couldn’t accomplish the amazing things we accomplish without input from these important stakeholders.”

The district believes the study will help fortify the future growth Kane County will experience.

“It is vital for us to get a comprehensive analysis of how much water is in our bucket. We need to get rid of the questions and arguments we’re having over what water is there and how we can get it. Thank you to the Division of Drinking Water for the opportunity and other people involved with water like Kanab City and Best Friends Animal Society,” District Board Chairman Ben Clarkson stated.

The district would also like to announce a nine percent increase in the year-over-year water levels at the Jackson Flat Reservoir. Irrigators will have adequate water to finish the irrigation season with the water levels remaining higher than the 2020 season.

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