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Three fatalities in Highway 89 car crash

A crash was reported on the evening of Tuesday, March 21, about 22 miles away from Kanab; two cars collided head-on on Highway 89 east of Kanab, toward Page. The vehicles reported in the incident were a white Honda SUV and a red Nissan sedan - the SUV traveling southeast reportedly lost control due to snowy road conditions and drifted into the oncoming lane where it collided with the sedan. Two of the victims - a 64-year-old woman in the backseat of the Honda and the 46-year-old driver of the Nissan - were pronounced dead at the scene. The 16-year-old male in the passenger seat of the sedan was pronounced dead-on-arrival at the local hospital, and the driver and one more passenger of the Honda were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s deputies and Kanab City Police responded to the scene, which was severe enough to warrant closing the road. No impairment is suspected in the case of either driver, though two of the passengers who died were not wearing seatbelts. The road reopened later in the evening after the obstructions caused by the crash were cleared.

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