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Smiles all around at the Kane County Fair

The Kane County Royal Court - Left to right: First Attendant Princess Ella Willis, First Attendant Queen Shelby Springall, Second Attendant Princess Cari Nelson, Second Attendant Queen Kessa Wheeler, Miss Kane County Princess Sheridyn Hoyt. Miss Kane County Queen Madison Patton was unable to attend the August 10 parade. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Kaber and Ashley Esplin, along with Lucy (five), Zane (three) and Eden (one) offering their Orderville-grown vegetables and garden curry for sale on the fair’s final day. In the previous evening’s Dutch Oven Cook-off, Kaber won a Blue Ribbon in the Meal category and Ashley placed third. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

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Adrian Niedbalski in his firehouse dalmatian costume cradling his two-year-young daughter Grace as the Bookmobile driven by Lyle Talbot travels on. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Phil and Lynette Baker driving Jill Cluff with her young son. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Left: Oil painting of a dragon’s head by McKayla Ainge, Kanab. Right: Grand Prize pumpkin grown by eight-year-old Sam Hoyt in Orderville. Photos by Jerry Melrose.

Wyatt, Jordan and Lizzy Reese in their Mineral Springs Beef carriage reined by mom, Dusty. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

John Reese, mounted on Midnight, sets to drag his son Wyatt to the finish line on that dried cowhide. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Justin Baird of Glendale ejects from his calf ride after his eight-second-plus scored first place finish recognition while Taj Heaton, a former rodeo clown, observes the action just in case. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

McKaydie Cox, two-year-old daughter of Dave and Jessica Wood Cox, and grand-daughter of Jim and Heather Wood of Alton is shilling the recycling of bids on this hog for the annual Jeff Wood Kane County Livestock Show Scholarship Fund while recipients (l-r) MaCoy Cox, Laifey Cox, Charle Spencer, Josh Church, Mikkel Kabonic and Layton Spencer await results during the auction. For the more than $18,000 raised, the Wood Family expresses their genuine gratitude on behalf of these students, who are required to have been in the program for around five years. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Mya Young and Bret Heaton in full swing during the Sweethearts Race as savvy statistician Hazel Harris and energetic announcer Shaun Sharkey look on from the windowsills. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

JW Reese stands proudly with his winning steer, which was purchased by Harmony and Dustin Cox. Photo by Lisa Church.

Tracee and Andy Heaton advising their daughters, Kodi (four) and Harper (six) in the Art of Showmanship with their young sheep. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

A young cowboy poses with his prize-winning pig. Photo by Lisa Church.

Members of the FFA stand proudly with their goats, awaiting judging. Photo by Lisa Church.




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