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Shivering chills still bring another Buffalo boys PR from BYU adversity

The Track and Field events of the May 5th-6th BYU Invitational were marred by brisk, cold breezes and intermittent wet weather. Nevertheless, the hearty Buffalos squad persevered in spite of the record-limiting and generally hampering elements testing them and their 1A-3A competitors. For the Boys, Bret Heaton placed #11 in the High Jump [5-11.75,] well-below his six-foot five-inch Personal Best Record (PR). In the Javelin [106-06.75], he was #47 and #20 in Long Jump [19-05.50], in which Tyler Bonham was # 126 [14- 02.00]. The team of Bret, MaCoy Harris, Tyler and Warren Spencer finished #14 yielding a new PR in the Sprint Medley Relay [4:05.34]. Warren placed #83 in the 800m race [2:14.80] and #46 in the 3200m [11:12.54].

Left to right:

  • Mya Young leaping with all her might. All photos by Julie Heaton.

  • Symbiotic fleet-feet symmetry in the Sprint Medley Relay between Warren Spencer (left) just starting his 800m leg following the 400m balon hand-off from Tyler Bonham, notching a new season-high mark of 4:05.34 for 14th-place. Bret Heaton and MaCoy Harris set the pace early in the PT feat!

  • Maddie Osterhout, junior long-distance runner, tracks through her solitary contemplative moments focusing on her in-the-zone strategies of the 800m {2:48.16] and the 1600m [5:57.58] on the day. She also attacked the 400m [1:10.20].

  • Bret Heaton placed #11 in the High Jump [5-11.75].

  • Maddie Cox in the 100m Dash [14.29] for #111.

  • Mya Young starting in the Sprint Medley Relay [5:11.30] for 22nd-place.

Here again, Kimber Reeve notched #26 in the Javelin [88-06.25], a noticeable distance from her 126-foot PR mark. With the Shot Put [28- 08.75] she placed #53. Mya Young in the Long Jump 15-03.50] was #13, and Caitlyn Cannon, #79 [13-05.50]. The 100m race saw Mya come in #102 [14.16], Maddie Cox #111 [14.24] and Annabelle Leyland [14.57] # 156. In the 200m Mya [29.48] finished #99, Annabelle [30.48] #129 and Maddie [31.48] #161. The 4x100m featured Mya, Annie, Raigen Frost and Maddie for #16 [54.28]. The Sprint Medley Relay team of Annie, Raigen, Maddie and Kaitlyn Baird clocked into #22 {5:11.30]. In the 800m event Kaitlyn’s [2:50.85] got her #110, with Maddie Osterhout [2:48.16] ahead of her at #91. The long-distancers 1600m witnessed Maddie O. turn-in for #68 [5:57.58], as well as Kaitlyn’s 3200m pacing for #48 [14:49.03].

During the lighter than usual May 9th practice session prior to the full team’s 6 a.m. departure for the Region 20 Meet in Milford, Coach “Frank” Franklin shared a few brief thoughts on the BYU Invitational. “Well, BYU was kind of a letdown a little bit: had cold weather. The kids didn’t do as well as they wanted to. Don’t know whether it was from the weather or not, but the Girls 4x1 (100m) did really well. The Boys Medley made a PR, as well. But, hopefully they got whatever it was in their mind out of it, and do better at Region tomorrow and look forward to State.”

The May 10 Milford Meet hasn’t been forecasted for much better weather, perhaps damping some hopefuls in its midst. But, to be sure, things are yet aligning for the State Track finale at BYU on May 19 and 20.




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