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Red Rocktoberfest and Chalk Art Festival a colorful success

Thank you to all who participated in the Chalk Art Festival 2022, held on October 15, in conjunction with RedRocktoberfest, put on by the Kanab City Arts Board. This year was another roaring success due to the many sponsors, vendors and artists who took part in the festivities, as well as those who came to simply view and enjoy the colorful art, dance numbers and musical performances.

There was something for everyone with performances from Red Rock Dance, a youth bluegrass ensemble, The W Duo and The Chris Paul Band.

While viewing the art and soaking in the live performances, festivalgoers were able to enjoy food and treats from the many vendors; and if they fancied making a pit-stop, adults could spend some time in the beer garden thanks to Sego Restaurant.

A special thank you goes to the many chalk artists who spent several hours over the course of three days working on their masterpieces. Though awards were only given to a select handful of artists, everyone did tremendous work bringing colorful life to the Kanab Center grounds.

Left to right from top:

  1. First prize in the adult division went to Camberly Anderson for her detailed depiction of a prehistoric fight. Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  2. Thanks to Mikelle Stott, this may be the only time anyone has looked at a toilet in public and exclaimed at its beauty. Photo by Brooke Knighton.

  3. Better keep an eye on the road behind you on these chilly fall nights ... or Mason Barber’s headless horseman just might get you! Photo by Harry Barber.

  4. Though this colorful, “poisonous” frog is only made of chalk, you still better not touch it! Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  5. Another prehistoric fellow, though this one may not be too keen on a fight. What a cool perspective! Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  6. The grand prize-winning piece by William Douglas, 19. Douglas explained the wooden doll and the markings around her represent his Dominican Heritage. Photo by Brooke Knighton.

  7. Houston Brown posing proudly above his finished work of art. Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  8. Robert Capson hard at work. Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  9. This cuddly kitty looks like she could jump right off the ground and into your arms! Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  10. The detail on this tarantula is done so well, we were waiting for her to crawl away! Photo by Camberly Anderson.

  11. Warning! Thank goodness we made it through the event without losing anyone to the death pit. Photo by Camberly Anderson.

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