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Only a few Wednesday's left to enjoy Kanab's Outdoor Market

Here’s a true story: a few weeks ago, I was having a casual conversation with a few folks from out of town. They said to me, “Hey, this is a cool rural area. Do you know if you have a Saturday morning market or something where we can try the local goods?” And I’m ashamed to admit, I could only look to some other Kanab locals with me and shrug; I only felt moderately better when none of them knew of such an event either. Well, happy ending. I have since corrected my ignorance, and I should’ve known the community wouldn’t disappoint: the open-air farmers’ market is on, and it is exactly somewhere to support local producers and “try local goods.”

Every Wednesday at the Kanab Center - starting at 5:30 p.m., weather permitting, folks from the community come together with a whole host of goodies on offer: fresh produce, jams and jellies, local dairy goods, gourmet lollipops, craft soaps and herbal remedies. Jewelry! Tie-dye shirts! Floral arrangements! Goat cheese! They’ve got it all; the only requirement for presenting something at the market is that it must be homegrown or home made.

And recently, the market is even stepping things up a little further. In addition to the market stalls, there’s even live entertainment. Two weeks ago, the Symphony of the Canyons showed up to play. Last week had a live musician for the outside market, and a kids’ movie playing inside. According to the event’s organizers, there are even a few food trucks and restaurants with mobile cuisine considering dinner options just in case anyone wants to make a night of it.

So consider taking a Wednesday night sometime and come on out to the market. The organizers plan on it going through most of September, and if harvests and seasons permit, into October as well. The organizers hope to see a good mix of local folks as well as those from out of town - there’s plenty to go around, so why not come see if there’s something for you?

Naturally, in preparation for writing this little piece, I felt it would only be responsible for me to actually try out some of the wares on offer. So far I’ve had some pretty incredible ears of corn, some delicious apricot jelly and tried some pleasantly abrasive exfoliating soap.

Finally, and probably most importantly, I even picked up a gorgeous bouquet of local flowers - perfect for apologizing to the date I was late to because I’d lost track of time while exploring the farmer’s market. Oops.

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