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Multiple trades from Garkane Power works to restore power to Cane Beds neighborhood

High voltage equipment failure, not arson, was responsible for an early-morning fire and power outage near Cane Beds. According to Garkane employee Todd Crowther, “the fire was caused by an internal fault on step down transformer.”

Hildale Fire Department responded to 911 calls placed by multiple vehicles traveling along Highway 389 between 8 - 8:22 a.m., including this reporter! Crews from Garkane Power working in tandem were able to restore power less than 12 hours after power loss.

Publisher’s note - Big thanks to Little’s Diesel for their assistance in transporting some of the necessary equipment after one of Garkane’s trucks broke down.

Left to Right:

  • Transformer fire near Cane Beds. Photo by Mark Smith.

  • Trevor Lathim in the bucket, Tyler Gates on the pole with his back to the camera and Terek Esplin on the pole opposite Gates were part of the crew working to restore power. Photo by Todd Crowther.

  • Mark Kabonic in the left bucket and Trevor Lathim in the right bucket work to repair the fire-damaged equipment. Photo by Todd Crowther.

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