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'Mowing 4 Miracles' receives more than $13K during charity ride across Utah

Scott Morgan, hailing from Santaquin, trailered by Robert Lindsay in the support vehicle on-loan from Doug Smith Chevrolet in Spanish Fork, crossing the Utah/Arizona borderline, cell phone a-blazing, on August 18. Thus, completing a 439-mile 10-day journey raising donations on behalf of the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Salt Lake City. The window for donating expires on Friday, August 27. Email donations at:, or call (801)602-8203. Photos by Jerry Melrose.

While Scott Morgan was mowing his lawn back in 2020, he developed the idea of creating a charity to benefit the Shriner Hospital for Children.

Donations have been raised with families and businesses donating $1 per mile on his journey from northern Utah to southern Utah, all while driving a lawn mower at seven miles per hour!

Morgan began on August 9, 2021, and covered 439 miles of Utah’s highways before entering Kane County and making his final stop at the Utah/Arizona border.

Summing-up under pleasant noontime summer clouds at the Alternate-89 state line, met by his wife, Tess, and a couple of hometown pals, a road-weary, yet exultant Scott Morgan proclaimed, “I feel great! I had a great support team all around me. We had some interesting weather. It was a little warm there for awhile; but we powered through it, and here we are in Arizona all the way from Idaho.

“But, really, the bottom line is not about me. Nothing about anybody else; nothing about the mower. It’s all about the Shriners Hospital for little children, and what they do for kids!”

This Cub Cadet Zero-Turn RZT SX 54 Lawn Mower operates its 21.5 HP Kawasaki FR series OHV engine at 7mph. The brand-new ''Mowing 4 Miracles'' flagship will now be re-sold to the dealer.

Asked about the folks encountered on the 10-day adventure, he readily responded, “Hundreds! We’ve talked to so many people. A lot of people just giving us a lot of encouragement. Giving us small gifts along the way. Many, many donations along the way, as well. People have been very friendly towards us. We had 10 stops. All donated lodging and meals, as well.”

With accommodations pre-arranged through a network of Latter Day Saint church members, he complimented their final night’s hosts in Glendale, the family of Clayton and Angie Cox, for their generous hospitality by adding, “It certainly was; you know that. Wonderful people!”

Morgan’s southern Utah sidekick, support-driver Robert Lindsay, said, “I’m happy for him for what he’s been able to accomplish. Tough there a few times, but we were able to do it.” A potential 2022 project for Ronald McDonald House is now under consideration.

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