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Lady Buffalos breeze by Badgers in final-minute foul-fest

On Wednesday, December 14, the Wayne Badgers came to town starving for a win, which they achieved over the JV squad 47-37. However, in the nightcap, both teams lethargically played to a 4-4 knot with the Buffalos drawing first-blood at the four-minute mark. They scored eight more while blanking the Badgers in the second-quarter. Wayne waged a 13-to-four run in the third-quarter to comeback for a 17-16 lead entering the final frame. Suddenly awakened, the Buffs gained a 31-30 edge with 54.9 seconds to go. Janilyn Hoyt, whose only tallies occurred in the fourth, based on a deuce and three-for-six at the stripe, brought the win home at 34-30! Ruth Cox led all five scorers with 14; Kimber Reeve had six; Rachel Cox netted five along with her cousin Lydia’s four.

Kimber Reeve races airborne for her second-quarter flight to the bucket for a lay-up deuce, followed by Ruth and Rachel Cox to her left. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

“Particularly, it was a good slow start,” began Head Coach Dustin Cox’s analysis. “Our girl held them to four points in the first-half. I mean, we only scored 12; but when you look at the ratio of it: 12-to-4, that’s a pretty good differential, right? We needed to come out a little stronger in the third, but we kept going. But then, just staying strong, staying firm: not givingup. But it got to the point where I, as a coach, I was talking too much. I needed to just ‘John Wooden’ it (Ten-time National Championship-winner with UCLA from 1964-75, including three undefeated seasons, and author of “Wooden on Leadership”), and sit down, and watch the game, and cheer for the things that needed to happen, you know?

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“They know what to do,” he continued emphatically. “They know what to do! And so, that’s what I did: I said, ‘You guys know what to do; just do it.’ And almost immediately, they just blew it; they just blew it! And so, Jan [Hoyt] was feeling bad about missing a foul shot there at the end. But I said, ‘Jan, we don’t need you to make all of them; we just need you to make one more.’ And she made enough to put us up by four. So, as long as they don’t foul them on a three-pointer, and they make it, and then make a foul shot, we’re just fine, you know.

“So, lots of things: I know they’re tired; it’s wintertime, sickness; they’re sluggish, nutrition. There’s a good win for them: it was a good win.” Next up after the Christmas Moratorium (21-25) will be at Milford on December 28, then at home for the Endowment Game vs. Fredonia.




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