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Kane County Commission provides statement on proposed golf course

The Kane County Commission has received numerous inquiries about a proposed golf course within the county, and there has been a great deal of information circulating in the community - much of which is speculative, creative and inaccurate.

The Commission has not taken any action, formal or informal, nor has it taken an official position on the proposed golf course. The Commission wants the public to know that 1) this is a “proposed” golf course, and 2) before the Commission could or would take any action there would need to be robust public engagement via public comment and public hearings.

Some believe that the Commission has committed $10 million or $12 million dollars to the proposed golf course. It has not. The PCIB (Permanent Community Impact Board) approved Kane County Water Conservancy District’s application for $10 million. That was not a county proposal.

Others believe the proposed golf course might negatively impact taxes and water rates. The Commission has not undertaken an impact analysis at this time. A project of this size and scope will have impacts, positive and negative, throughout the county. The Commission would want to conduct such an impact study as part of a thorough due diligence process before any decision is made.

The commission would like to state there is no current proposal for the golf course to be paid through property taxes so there is no danger of an increase in property taxes.

Finally, the proposed golf course seeks to secure approximately 200 acres south of Jackson Flat Reservoir. The 200 acres is owned by various entities, private and public. SITLA is in charge of approximately 101 acres that sit in the heart of the proposed area.

In late July of this year, SITLA released an RFP for “highest and best use” for the 101 acres. Interested parties have until September 1, 2021, to submit their project proposals and a SITLA board decision will occur on November 18, 2021.

It’s the commission’s understanding there is a high degree of interest in the property from a wide variety of potential developers.

The commission will be watching the SITLA RFP process and will assess further once the SITLA process has concluded.

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