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Kanab City Capital Fund projects update

The Capital Fund Projects meeting on June 16, was informative. With the fiscal year coming to a close, each department head from Kanab City spoke on their projects and financial needs for the coming year or years.

First, Mayor Houston spoke on Kanab’s growth, summarizing more people equals more capital projects.

Emily Bentley with the Heritage House and Kanab Museum said the windows and porch at the Heritage House need rebuilt as they’ve been pushed to their limit. A fire suppression system to protect the most valuable asset (the home) was also discussed.

Bentley also spoke of the Pioneer Cemetery on 405 N. 150 E., where roughly 15 headstones were removed many years ago. There’s no plat map, so the gravestones were never replaced. An appropriate ceremony was mentioned. The museum (the historic library at the Kanab Civic Center) has had the basement remodeled but not the upstairs- money has already been allocated.

Jenny Chatwin with the library spoke of the desire for new, warmer, bookshelves. The parking lot being resurfaced and the remodel process. Estimated completion of the remodel is before winter.

Janae Chatterley spoke on behalf of the building department and said with more construction comes the need for more staff. The hurdle with more staff is enough office space.

Jake Dutton with Public Works has the largest department with the most needs. Mayor Houston asked for more information on costs for each item. One large item needed, and required by the EPA, is a salt storage shed for snow removal. Dutton spoke of the need for pipe storage and urged these two sheds be built together.

Jeff Turner with Airport and Parks discussed the demand for additional airplane hangers will require the weather station be moved, possibly requiring more property purchased to the west of the airport.

On the parks, Turner focused on repairing the splash pad at the Jacob Hamblin Park. With replacing valves, the splash pad will be mostly operational for the 4th of July festivities, but there’s a leak that will require digging up concrete which Turner thought best to wait until after summer use.

Danielle Ramsay with recreation spoke on baseball field lights, new bleachers and mostly the pool. The city pool needs a new liner before next season as well as replacing tiles around the pool. The playground at the pool is also nearing the end of its useful life. The Ranchos Park was discussed, and a master plan that will be worked towards bit by bit. The group associated with the Ranchos Park is the Healthy Kane Coalition.

Police Chief Tom Cram stated the current police station has been outgrown.




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