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Internal Accessory Dwelling Units discussed at Kanab City Council

The Kanab City Council meeting on January 25, 2022, ran for two hours. The meeting began with public comment surrounding an amendment to the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance Permitting the creation and use of Internal Accessory Dwelling Units (IADU). The four members of the community who voiced their opinions all urged the City Council to let the individual homeowners decide how best to use their own properties. Karie Cornell represented the registered association Kanab Area Vacation Rental Owners Association (KAVROA), and asked why the city hadn’t reached out to this association.

An example of an IADU is a basement apartment with a separate entrance. The debate centered around if those IADU could be used for short term rentals, or only for long term, especially in the case where a guest house on property is being used for a short term rental. State code recently informed all Utah towns and cities that they must give homeowners the option to rent their IADU’s, to help with a lack of rentals.

The council passed option one, wherein “A guesthouse may not be rented out at the same time the IADU is rented.” Councilmember Celeste Meyeres was the only one who voted “nay” on this option. Meyeres preferred option three as it offered the most flexibility, allowing the most use of personal properties for long-term housing and short-term housing. In adopting option one, Kanab homeowners who may be renting their guest house out as a short term rental will not be allowed to rent out their IADU to a long-term renter.

The appointment of Elizabeth Davis to the Library Board was approved. The appointments of Connie Zwifel, John McCellan, and Karen Heet to the Heritage Board were all approved.

A motion passed for pavement maintenance at the Kanab Airport, as described by City Manager, Joe Decker.

Another motion passed for a zone change in the approximate area of 1450 Hwy. 89A, which Land Use Coordinator Janae Chatterley stated, “fits the future land use map.”

The new owners of the Hitch-N-Post RV Park were present to discuss the various improvements being made, and how those changes are triggering the requirement for curb/gutter/sidewalk, etc.

Chatterly led a discussion on the minimum square footage of a home within Kanab City limits changing from 1,000 square feet minimum to 720 sq. ft., which was voted on and approved.

The final agenda item was a presentation on the city’s Procurement Policy.

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