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Historic Homes Sign Project

Kanab, Utah, is a city that values its history. To celebrate and share that history with local citizens and visitors, the town has erected historic monuments and placed interpretive signs around town highlighting specific locations or events of the past.

Historic home sign

One of these efforts is signage at historic homes surrounding the downtown area. In the 1990s, local volunteers, working with the Kanab Museum and Heritage House program, installed signs at historic homes identifying the date the homes were built and the original families that built them. A self-guided walking tour and brochure were also developed.

Over time, these signs have weathered. The Kanab City Heritage and History Preservation Board has recently spearheaded a project to repaint the signposts, and as needed, replace the signs. Future plans also include updating the walking tour by developing an online guide that provides additional historic information about each home. The digital guide will be accessible onsite using a cellphone, or available by computer when visiting the Kanab City Museum website. The first step of this process, repainting the signposts, is scheduled for June 22, 2022. Youth from the Kanab LDS 4th and 2nd Wards will assist board Chairman Mace Glazier in repainting the signposts. If you own one of these historic homes and want to have your sign repainted, please e-mail the board at

Additionally, if you are the owner of a historic home, and are interested in obtaining a sign for your home, please contact the board for additional information. As this project develops, the board will seek further input from members of the community. We are excited to pursue this effort and welcome community support.

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