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Don't miss your chance to see BRIGHT STAR

''Bright Star'' cast members taking their bows with live musicians behind them on the beautiful custom set.

There is something refreshing about being in the audience and witnessing a brand new musical. It’s like opening a gift, not knowing what will be inside, but hoping it is every bit as beautiful as the package it is wrapped in, which in this case are the producers, cast and musicians of “Bright Star”, a new musical inspired by a true story.

From left: Taylor Cole, Lyndsey Wulfenstein and Jenna Corry nailing their southern roles with perfection during a performance of ''Bright Star''.

Living in small town southern Utah, you may think you have to travel far and wide to experience theatre at its finest. Fortunately, that is not the case for those living in Kane County. In the production of Bright Star, which I had the pleasure of attending during opening weekend, our local talent proved once again of their professionalism and exceptional performing abilities.

The skilled, bluegrass musicians accompanying the show add a unique layer to the performance, as they are literally sitting above the stage performers on a beautiful, rustic set designed specifically for this production and built by cast and crew members. It was especially delightful to experience a musical with this genre of music as the backdrop to this 1920s story set in the American South.

An emotional scene during a performance of ''Bright Star'', which will be performed nightly through Saturday, June 26. Photos by Tom Van Hagan.

The spellbinding cast includes not only talented, local veterans to the stage such as Lyndsey Wulfenstein, Adreanna Pedersen, Mariah Wheeler and Jenna Corry, who nailed their southern roles with perfection, but eight high school students who blew me away with their moving vocals and endearing character portrayals. The cast is also joined by a few incredible and seasoned actors from different parts of southern Utah.

With only a few performance nights left, don’t miss the opportunity to witness this incredible production right here in Kane County. Get your tickets on, or purchase them at the door. The musical will continue performances nightly until closing night on Saturday, June 26, at Kanab High School.

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