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Cowboy Track & Field wins dual region championship!

On Tuesday, May 10, the Cowboys hosted the Region 19 Track and Field Championships, here in Kanab. Teams from Beaver, Enterprise, Parowan, South Sevier, and San Juan traveled to Kanab to compete for the top spots, but it was both Cowboy teams that walked away with the trophies.

Both the KHS boys and girls track teams pose together with their region championship trophies. Kanab High School hosted the region track meet on Tuesday, May 10. Photo by Samantha LeFevre.

The girls’ team, who have not won a region championship since 2002, just edged out Parowan with a score of 156.5 to 149. The Lady Cowboys had 17 different ladies score points for the team and 20 personal records set on the day. Individual region champions for the girls include Madi Orton: high jump, long jump; Jaci Huntington: 200-meters and Savannah Bateman: 800-meters.

The girls’ shot put and long jump were huge factors in the team’s win, with six girls placing in the top eight for the shot put, and five in the long jump. Shot put coach, Tanner Brown and long jump coach, Travis Capson had their girls prepared for the challenge and they rose to the occasion. The Lady Cowboys truly showed their colors as a team of depth and grit to pull off the championship win.

The boys’ team was a staggering 83 points ahead of the second-place team, Beaver, and ended up scoring a total of 196 points to clinch their second consecutive region championship. The Cowboys had 21 different boys score points for the team and 29 personal records set on the day. Individual Region Champions for the boys include Travis Stewart: 100-meters, 200-meters, 400-meters; Saxton Unsworth: 110-meter hurdles; Collin Szymanski: discus; Noah McCorvey: long jump and Tyson Brinkerhoff: 3200-meter.

Travis Stewart sets his eyes on the finish line on his way to helping the boys team win back-to-back region championships. Photo by Jeremy Houston.

Junior Travis Stewart scored 38 points for the Cowboys, while the hurdle squad combined for 56 points in the two events. The Cowboy team had athletes score in every single event to prove that they are not just a team of flash, but one of depth as well.

Both teams will travel up to Provo, on May 20, for the two-day state showdown, to cap off their truly phenomenal seasons. Coaches Levi LeFevre, Samantha LeFevre, Tanner Brown, Julia Christensen, Travis Capson and Brooke Glazier would like to congratulate their athletes on their amazing region season and can’t wait to see what they do at State. Good luck Cowboys and Lady Cowboys!

Lady Cowboys rankings :

  • 100-meters: 3-Mikelle Church, 6-Madi Orton, 7-London Fenus

  • 20-meters: 1-Jaci Huntington, 3-Madi Orton, 6-Mikelle Church

  • 400-meters: 3-Savannah Bateman

  • 800-meters: 1-Savannah Bateman

  • 1600-meters: 6-Cydnee Castagno

  • 3200-meters: 3-Cydnee Castagno

  • 100-meter hurdles: 7- Emrey Kabonic

  • 300-meter hurdles: 7- Emrey Kabonic

  • Shot put: 2-Abbey Bateman, 3-Taylor Janes, 5-Kambri Beckstead, 6-Haylie McQuivey, 7-Janae Beckstead, 8-Hallie Beckstead

  • Discus: 8-Jessie Reidhead

  • Javelin: 3-Emrey Kabonic, 5-Haylie McQuivey, 7-Jessie Reidhead

  • High jump: 1- Madi Orton, 3-Mikelle Church, 5-Lydia Beazer, 8-Emilie Gilberg

  • Long jump: 1-Madi Orton, 2-Mikelle Church, 4-London Fenus, 5-Emilie Gilberg, 6-Jaci Huntington

  • Medley relay: 4-Lydia Beazer, Taylor Janes, Hallie Beckstead, Janae Beckstead

  • 4x400 relay: 4- Emrey Kabonic, Taylor Janes, Janae Beckstead, Hallie Beckstead

Cowboys rankings:

  • 100-meters: 1-Travis Stewart. 200-meters: 1-Travis Stewart, 7-Wyatt Kennedy

  • 400-meters: 1-Travis Stewart, 5-Logan Little

  • 800-meters: 4-Daxton Jones

  • 1600-meters: 2-Tyson Brinkerhoff.

  • 3200-meters: 1-Tyson Brinkerhoff.

  • 110-meter hurdles: 1 - Saxton Unsworth , 2-Jackson Clark, 3-Rider Allen, 4-Matthew Bowman, 8-Daxton Fox

  • 300-meter hurdles: 2 - Saxton Unsworth , 3-Jackson Clark, 4-Rider Allen, 5-Kason Janes, 6-Matthew Bowman

  • Shot put: 4-Collin Szymanski, 8-Sam Ray Discus: 1-Collin Szymanski, 3-RJ Mognett Javelin: 7-Saxton Unsworth

  • High jump: 3(t)-Bracken McQuivey, 3(t)-Matthew Bowman, 5(t)-Kason Janes, 5(t)-Saxton Unsworth.

  • Long jump: 1-Noah McCorvey, 2-Travis Stewart, 6-Bracken McQuivey

  • 4x100 relay: 4-Wyatt Kennedy, Preston Brown, Nate Stewart, Trevon Browning

  • Medley relay: 2-Dominic Martinez, Tayson Snodderly, Nate Stewart, Coleson Frisby

  • 4x400 relay: 3-Nate Stewart, Jackson Clark, Logan Little, Dominic Martinez

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