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April art show extravaganza

The Kanab Arts Board, Kane County Hospital and Kanab City Library are extremely happy to announce their combined upcoming Art Show Extravaganza on Thursday, April 13, from 5 – 6 p.m., in the hospital foyer. Save that date!

Five local artists will be featured, 80 plus pieces of artwork will be on display and some awesome bragging-rights awards will be given to a group of deserving artists who serve our community. The event is free and there will be refreshments created by the most talented Hospital chef we know, Kay Syddall.

Artists featured will be: Rosemary Swapp, Fredonia; Shelley A. Christensen, Moccasin; Leonard Heaton, Moccasin; Mace Manire, Kanab, previously Alaska; and Jane Keller, Kanab. There will be a variety of mediums and subject matter on show from stunning portraits, landscapes, joyful practice pieces and firsthand art collection of the Vietnam war. In addition to his collection at the hospital, Mace Manire will also have a solo exhibition at the library.

We will celebrate and recognize: Tony (Michael) Schoenfeld for 2021 artist of the year; Raven Heart Gallery Owners Cyrus MejÍa and Gary Kalpakoff for 2021 art supporters of the year; Eileen Gilbert Bell for 2022 artist of the year and Mariah Wheeler for 2022 art supporter of the year.

Congratulations to all of these artsy folks, all brave enough to show their work for you to enjoy and our awardees - each true artists in their own right and art supporters as well.

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