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A time for giving - 2022 holiday retrospective

Holiday seasons in Kanab are more than just a fun way to get together; they’re a phenomenal opportunity to showcase generosity and human spirit. This year’s yuletide season was no different, being characterized by donations and fundraising drives. In interviewing people involved in each of the items following, every party without fail stated that publicity wasn’t the intent of the drive in the first place - all the more reason to give credit where it’s due, and thank the good people of the community for everyone coming together in the giving spirit. Also of note; this is nowhere near a comprehensive list. To all who showed kindness and generosity this holiday season, we sincerely say “thank you.”

The Christmas tree in front of the Kanab Center was lit during Kanab’s Holiday Kickoff celebrations just before the light parade. Photo and caption by Ty Gant.

The Christmas Parade was an early high note for the season, with “as many floats as we’ve ever seen, and some of the stiffest competition our judges have ever had!” according to the organizers at the Office of Tourism. Kanab City participated with free donuts and hot chocolate, followed by their tree lighting. The parade concluded with a lantern launch, with proceeds being donated to relief efforts for families in need. The Office of Tourism kept to that theme by donating a hot air balloon ride for auction in the school district’s holiday fundraising efforts.

The School District put on their regular Sub for Santa drive to help students and their families, including a charity auction and donation drive.

The Sheriff’s Office performed a fundraiser to help some families in need for the holiday, and they expressed their gratitude for the businesses who helped with that fundraiser - “We got huge discounts on things like shoes and coats from Duke’s, and hams from Glazier’s … we got some stuff from Crosby’s and Lumber Plus too. They were all hands down awesome, absolutely helped us out. We’re grateful to them. Duke’s was awesome.” The drive fundraiser took the form of a “No-shave November” drive, where the personnel of the office - normally not able to grow facial hair as part of their dress code - were permitted to “buy” an allowed beard for a few months via donations. There will be a follow-up in February where the beards are judged in a contest, with more donations possible.

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Lumber Plus put on their traditional charity efforts as well, with their seasonal gift drive - any visitor to Lumber Plus could see the steadily growing stack of gifts under the store’s proverbial tree, each box representing a donation from a local business. Those were only a portion of the donations accrued by the drive; there were also a number of cash and personal donations that didn’t end up under the tree, instead going straight to those in need, including the Children’s Justice Center and cancer awareness causes.

There were a number of charity drives and fundraisers associated with local religious groups as well; while there were too many organizations to name any specifically, many churches and congregations in the community came together in various ways, and it seemed that with each one the SUN’s reporter spoke to, they asked they be left anonymous and that the others be recognized for their charity.

Hopefully as the holiday season comes to an end and the new year turns over, this sort of spirit can remain. Hopefully the community can continue to come together and find ways to alleviate the hurt from those who are hurting, and hopefully those in need of help can find a little bit of inspiration as to how and where to find it. Happy holidays, everyone.




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