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4H packs Kanab Center to capacity for STEM night

The last day of January was an exciting one at the Kanab Center - families were lined up all the way out the door to register for booth visits and door prizes for 4H’s Star Wars themed STEM night, put on in cooperation with the Utah State Uni­versity Extension.

Left to right:

  • One of the many science and math based stalls of the evening, using vapor to show off the movement of air. Photos by Ty Gant.

  • While we didn’t get an exact attendance count, just look at the main convention center packed wall to wall! It was that full most of the night.

  • This display shows off lift, air resistance and buoyancy.

The event consisted of various booths and presentations showing off all the cool things you can do with science and technology - and hopefully teaching the kids along the way. There were special regis­tration tickets at the door for the youth to enter to win prizes, and the only requirements for regis­tration were visits to a certain number of booths in the event. One lucky winner even got to take home a cherry Oculus Virtual Reality set.

From LEGO building, to air cannons demon­strating vacuums and pressure differentials, to floating pieces of paper showing off lift, to electri­cal currents lighting up glass plasma globes, to VR lightsabers and photos with Darth Vader, the STEM night had a little educational something for everybody. Hopefully some youthful scientists found some inspiration through the displays and activities for the evening.

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The event also included pizza for dinner - with most of the advertising stating “while supplies last,” a fair disclaimer considering the crowd of hungry families showing up. Lab coats, goggles and prop beakers and test tubes were provided for any kids who wanted to “science up” for the evening, with photo op­portunities with everyone all suited up in the “Sci­ence Zone.”

4H’s STEM programs have started 2023 in full force in Kane County, with this huge event add­ing on to their participa­tion in various robotics and construction competi­tions hosted by the likes of Utah Tech. Some of the winners participated in the STEM night, and an entire section was de­voted to children looking to build LEGO robotics, with guidance from com­petitive builders.

Anyone interested in further 4H and USU ex­tension activities can find their contact information and posted schedules at their Kane County 4-H and University Extension Facebook pages - also a good place to keep an eye out for future events like the one on January 31, or even review footage and photos of past events.




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