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Truck fire in Fredonia, Ariz., promptly put out by Fredonia and Kanab City Fire Departments

Midday on Thursday, April 27, a man reportedly heard a “popping sound” coming from outside his residence on Maurice Avenue in Fredonia. Upon going outside to investigate he found the bed of his truck enveloped in smoke and flames.

Right to left, photos submitted by Daisy Johnson:

  • The cause of the fire is still unknown, though chainsaws and gas cans were allegedly present in the truck bed.

  • Over a dozen responders from Kanab and Fredonia were on scene in minutes. No one was injured in the fire.

He emptied a small fire extinguisher on the fire, but to no avail. Unable to navigate past the burning vehicle back inside the house, he flagged down a passerby and asked them to call for assistance. Emergency responders were dispatched at 12:53 p.m., (MDT), and within seven minutes the Fredonia Fire Department was on the scene, shortly followed by the Kanab City Fire Department. The fire was promptly extinguished before it could spread.

Chainsaws and gas cans were allegedly present in the truck bed, but at the time of writing it is unclear what ignited the fire.

Thank you to the Fredonia Fire Department, Fredonia Police Department, Kanab Fire Department and Kanab EMTs for their prompt and efficient response.

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