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Southern Utah News Flashback

90 years ago - August 25, 1933

A beautiful monument of petrified rock is being erected just west of the highway on the west side of Kanab which will mark the Old Kanab Fort. This monument is being erected in honor of Jacob Hamblin, Mormon apostle to the early Kanab pioneers. The monument will be finished by the end of next week and will be unveiled at the quarterly conference which will be held here on September 1 – 3. The two barns of Jac. C. Bolander and Lawrence Esplin in the west end of town, and the barn belonging to Linda Esplin in the east end of town, will be removed. This will make it possible for the road to be straight through Orderville. This work should begin about September 1.

From left to right, photos from the SUN archives:

  • Jane Tanner’s “Stages” performed for the Utah State Search and Rescue Convention in Kanab. From left to right: Jessie White, Lyndsey Willis, Emma Garrett, Lisa Chavez, Joni Martin, Sam Noel and Chris Aziz.

  • Christine Caroll and Merl Esplin to wed

  • Lyndsey Willis and Joni Martin won first place in the Junior Division at the Talent Find competition at the Kane County Fair.

  • Miss Patsy Shumway (center) was crowned Miss Kane County at last week’s county fair. Accompanying her are attendants Cindy Hopfer (right) and Julie Skaggs.

70 years ago - August 14, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Don Honey of Kanab welcomed a bouncing baby boy on August 9. This makes just one boy short of a basketball team for the Honeys. Lois Ann, age 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Findlay Bunting, received X-ray and treatment for a fractured arm on August 7. Now you can lick athlete’s foot with Keratolytic action – This fungicide sloughs off the tainted outer skin, exposing buried fungi and kills on contact. Leaves skin like baby’s in just one hour, if not pleased, your 40 cents back at any drug store. Today at KANAB DRUG CO.

60 years ago - August 15, 1963

The Bureau of Land Management plans to ask for the withdrawal of about 7,605 acres of public land in Kane County for reclamation purposes in connection with Arizona’s Marble canyon Project. This project is a proposed river storage plan in Arizona. The land withdrawal is for a sedimentary retention dam and reservoir on Buckskin Gulch, a tributary of the Paria River in Kane County, and for a material site and access road locations. Elder Lane Joseph Brooksby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arland Brooksby of Fredonia, will be honored Wednesday, August 21, at the Fredonia Ward Chapel prior to his departure of the Australian Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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50 years ago - August 23, 1973

Bruce Buntin of Kanab has taken over duties as Chief of Police in Kanab as of August 1, according to Wendell Bentley, Kanab City Councilman in charge of law enforcement. Bunting takes over his duties from Francis J. Kelly, who will continue on as an assistant to Bruce. Bunting has been working full time as a law enforcement official in Kanab since May. He his wife, Leah, are the parents of three children. Robert Aiken, nine year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aiken of Kanab, was struck by a car on August 15 as he was crossing in the crosswalk in front of the American Service Station in Kanab. According to patrolman, Dave Little, as Robert started across the street, a car in the right-hand lane stopped for him, but a car in the left-hand lane, going less than 35 mph, failed to stop and struck the boy. Robert was taken to Kane County Hospital and was released with just bruises.

40 years ago - August 18, 1983

Chosen to represent Kane County as Queen was Miss Sherie Banks. Her attendants are Shannon Palmer, first attendant, and Chastle Anderson, Second Attendant. Trudy Riding was chosen by all the contestants as Miss Congeniality.

30 years ago - August 18, 1993

The recently poured sidewalk across the street from the Kanab Elementary School had to be dug up by city employees after it was pointed out that the street was not wide enough. Bryant Shane Roundy, son of Paul and Vicky Roundy, has been called to serve a two-year mission for the LDS Church in the Little Rock, Arkansas mission. Bryant will enter the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on September 1.

20 years ago - August 20, 2003

This year’s Kane County Fair Royalty is as follows: Jaclyn Edwards – Fair Princess; Ashley Brinkerhoff – First Attendant; Anna Bistline – Second Attendant; Lisa Richins – Third Attendant; Katie Jensen – Miss Congeniality. On August 11, 2003, the Bureau of Land Management, Kanab Field Office officially deed property to the town of Glendale to be used as the baseball field. Glendale Mayor William (Billy) Spencer said this project has brought and held the community together with countless local residents, families, youth groups and scouts who have volunteered over 818 labor intensive hours.

10 years ago - August 22, 2013

The Kanab City Council voted unanimously to hire, Glen K. Vernon, 72, of Springville, Utah, as the new Kanab City Manager at the August 13 meeting. Vernon brings city management, a background in finance and accounting and experience as a practicing attorney to the $70,000 per year job. Hayden Edwards spent a week in the Utah highlands this August, perfecting his violin technique in the company of Steven Sharp Nelson and John Schmidt; “The Piano Guys.” Over one hundred school age musicians, ranging from 13-21 years old and representing 15 states, Canada and even Australia were in attendance at the invitation-only event, the Lyceum Music Festival.



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