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Project Enduro helping veterans through motorcycle activities

Local veterans have created a non-profit organization to assist disabled veterans, honorably discharged veterans and their immediate families to prevent and overcome physical and mental challenges related to their time in the military or since leaving the military.

Photo courtesy of Project Enduro.

According to Jeff Rockett, Board President & Founder, “Project Enduro for Vets’ (PE4V) mission is to improve the physical and mental well-being of military veterans and their families through the use of therapeutic sports, group events, education, community involvement and charitable work.”

Before starting Project Enduro for Vets, Rockett spent 30 years in the Navy as a Navy Nurse Corps Officer. “I have seen how physical and mental illness and injury breaks down veterans and their families. Research has shown physical activity, competitive sports, group events and community service improve physical and mental well-being. Riding dirt bikes, competing and socializing with individuals who have similar interests has helped me overcome some of my own physical disabilities and deal with mental stress. I want to help other veterans and their families overcome similar challenges,” said Rockett.

PE4V’s Vice President Bren Denney, CWO3, USN (RET) is also a disabled veteran, Navy retiree and avid dirt bike rider. He lost both legs below the knees while on active duty. Denney found there were not any support organizations to help him get back into dirt bike riding. His goal is to provide support for other disabled veterans and help them get back into the sport.

According to Rockett, “Our target group is disabled veterans and veterans interested in off-road motorcycle related activities, specifically trail and enduro riding. We chose this target group because we found a lack of veteran support organizations providing support for these activities.”

Project Enduro for Vets helps military veterans and their families via three main services: Skills Courses and Educational classes to help military veterans improve their health, coordination, strength, endurance, and learn adaptive techniques. (These events are free for disabled veterans and veteran members). Group Activities and Community Events to help military veterans build social networks in their related sport and to support community involvement. Competitive Event Support for military veterans without the financial means or resources. (Members can apply for a grant to cover the entry cost of an event. We also work to secure free entries at some events.)

Disabled veteran and veteran members can also apply for one-time grants for protective gear such as motorcycle helmets, pads, boots, and more.

Rockett stated, “We have partnered with organizations, companies and individuals in the sport who support our veterans and are interested in our cause. These include USHE, Rocky Mountain ATV/ MC, SXS, R&Duro, SKDA, Bulletproof Designs, Mefo USA, Max Gerston, and Rich Larsen.”

Most of Project Enduro for Vets activities occur in Utah, however, they have also held events in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Nevada. These activities and events are organized by Project Enduro for Vets or held in conjunction with another group’s event.

Since the beginning of January 2024, Project Enduro for Vets has gained 37 new members with 24 of these members being disabled veterans. To date in 2024, they have held or participated in six different events in four different states with 49 members participating. These events were a January Group Ride, King of the Motos, February Off-Road Skills Class, Grinding Stone Hard Enduro, Moab Hard Enduro, and a SoCal Group Ride.

If you would like to get involved please contact Project Enduro for Vets at

For more information visit or following them on social media.

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