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One Star

by Barb Waitrak-Young

Ken Koontz of Hurricane took this shot of Jupiter on the left and Saturn with the rings on the right.

Brightly shining in the sky, the star

In Bethlehem, it shone its light

Its brightness from afar

Shepherds gazed in awe and wonder

At angels on this night

They knew that they must follow

Where it would lead them to

Where they would find a baby

The prophecy they knew…

One star to give them guidance

To the one they waited for,

The world would change forever

In the promise of that star

Jesus Christ is Christmas

Not the bangles that we seek

His glory and his power…

Creation does bespeak.

Neal Brown looks through a telescope on loan to his family from the Stellar Vista Observatory. Neal was looking for the Christmas Star, where Jupiter and Saturn can be seen close to each other,

Let us hallow Christmas

For its purpose and its plan

The one who gave it to us

For this short earthly span

The star that shines with promise

Is forever, not just now

The gift of life eternal

We need to see somehow.

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