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Long Valley celebrates Christmas season with music and dance

The Valley Schools Music Department and Precious Gems Dance Studio presented their “Home Alone Christmas” extravaganza at 5 and 7:30 p.m., in the high school’s Old Gym on December 7. Under the skillful direction of Brittany Hoyt, along with the enthusiastic assistance of her daughter’s, Sheridyn and Jaylee, choreography was age-appropriately gem-designated into Emerald, Opal, Sapphire, Ruby and Topaz classifications. Musical strains of eclectic genres graced the joyous Yuletide atmosphere with kudos to the professional audio engineering of Alex Pavlides, while Santa attended to the appeals of the younger ones along the decked halls of the main entranceway.

Left to right, photos by Jerry Melrose:

  • The guitar class, fifth graders K-third grade singers. The girl guitarists (left-toright) are: Keilani Garcia, Makayla Franklin, Leah Lunceford and Nyola Scheiner. Circling counter-clockwise to the rear are: Ammon Lacey, Tell Cox and Holden Harris joining in with the ukulele players.

  • The Chamber Orchestra (from left in front row) are: Desi Sorensen, Peter Lacey, Ammon Lacey, Dallin Lee and far-out to Colt Reeve on stand-up bass. In the middle row are Bella Barrick and Sheridyn Hoyt. In back are: Aloha Lunceford and Violet Armstrong.

  • The Rock Band composed of (left-to-right) lead-guitarist Hadley Harris, vocalist Danyel Romero, bassist Peter Lacey, rhythm-guitarist Marshal Goulding, Sebastian Pavlides on drums and Sax-Man Robert Lacey jamming to the classic ‘50s favorite “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

“Our Festival and Christmas Concert tonight, which is our big fundraiser for the music program at Valley High School,” states Emily Lacey, the event’s Executive Producer. “We do two concerts with all the Elementary, and all the High School music students involved. So, 200 students were performing tonight. We served 400 cinnamon rolls; and I don’t know how many sandwiches, and 23 crock pots full of soup.

“And so, there’s a lot of work that goes into it,” she acknowledges. “There’s ukuleles and recorders, and the Rock Band, and the Guitar Class, and the Orchestra [both individually Intermediate and Chamber] from sixth [graders] up to seniors. And there’s a Bell Choir line tonight and Country Band playing. And so many dancers! It was just so full of colors, and different sounds and groups. A really fun night for, I hope, everyone who was involved. A lot of people pitched in to make it all happen. We love our community, and we’re glad they keep coming back and supporting us.”

All suitably high-fashioned tuxed-out for the occasion, Maestro Robert Lacey waved his baton in the eternity of Time, guiding his devoted pupils through their paces. “Well, we’re happy to do it! It was fun to do something that harkened back to my childhood. I loved ‘Home Alone’ growingup. I remember watching it in the theater. So, having a chance to put it out and do it as part of a concert venue … it was a lot of fun to make all the little fun decorations and things. The kids did a great job preparing the music. Had tons of help from the parents and from other members of the community and staff members for their help to make this all happen. So, definitely a team effort. Glad to do it; it’s been a fun tradition for a lot of years.” And trusting hopefully for many more to come.




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