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Lady Lynx wrap up their season

The Fredonia Lynx volleyball team wrapped up their regular season of games with a busy weekend! The girls played games Thursday-Saturday. They started off on El Capitan’s court on Thursday night with some close games. The JV played hard but the Eagles were on point and took the win. The Varsity took the court and lost the first match, but came back with a fire in the second match. The two teams battled back and forth until El Capitan barely took the win 26-24.

Seniors Charlie Anderson, Rylee Anderson and Danailee Tait. Photo courtesy of Brooke Kimball.

Unfortunately, the loss was too much for the Lynx and they lost their fire. Fredonia lost the third match 11-25. Danni Waters led the team with three kills, as well as many successful sets to the hitters. Charlie Anderson ended the game with two kills and one successful block. Jacey Castor fueled the team with energy again as she stood as a powerhouse on the net to block. She finished the game with five successful blocks.

With one loss, the girls hoped to play like they did in the second match against El Capitan as they headed to face Red Mesa on Friday. JV started strong but could not seal the win. Gracie Castor led with two kills and a couple blocks, as well as two aces serves. Jaycee Bundy had one kill and one ace. The team did fantastic with their serves and only had two serving errors.

The Varsity entered the court very confident and ready for a win. The first match came down to just a few points and the Redskins pushed for the last few points for the win. The Lynx lost 24-26. Danailee Tait led the team with four kills, followed by Charlie Anderson with two and Danni Waters, Cashlynn Lathim and Jacey Castor with one kill each. Jacey Castor continued to guard the net with four successful blocks.

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After an already long two days of games, the Lady Lynx geared up for a long double header on Saturday as they hosted Grand Canyon. As it was the last regular game of the season, they recognized the three Lady Lynx Seniors; Charlie Anderson, Danailee Tait and Rylee Anderson. The games started off with JV and they lost both matches by only a mere couple of points. Gracie Castor led with three kills followed by Mckayle Robinson with one. Vasey Yellowhorse led the team with her serves and scored off four aces.

The first Varsity game against the Grand Canyon phantoms was well matched. The Lady Lynx pulled ahead to almost a 10-point lead before the Phantoms came back with a vengeance. The score was close but Grand Canyon took the first match 25-23.

Fredonia was determined to get the second match and continued to play a tough game. The teams were neck and neck throughout the game, but the Lynx were not able to come out on top. Fredonia suffered another close loss of 22-25 and then the Phantom’s took the last match 25-9. Danailee Tait and Charlie Anderson led with two kills each. Anderson, Gracie Castor and Jacey Castor had some blocks with Jacey Castor scoring on one successful block.

JV was ready for round two and were hungry for a win this time. The girls played so hard, but unfortunately the Lynx were not able to seal the win. It was such a close game and it was also their last JV game of the season. The girls have improved so much over the season and it will be fun to watch their continued progress next year-maybe on the Varsity level.

Finally, it was Varsity’s turn to play the last regular game of the season. They played hard but the Phantoms played harder. Grand Canyon took the win in three matches and the Lady Lynx endured another loss. Charlie Anderson finished with three kills and one block. Rylee Anderson was second in line with two kills. Danailee Tait with one kill as well as an aced serve. Jacey Castor finished with one kill and two blocks. Freshman Gracie Castor who stepped in to fill a spot this week also ended with one kill and one block.

The team has improved an so many levels this year and we can only hope that they will continue to progress into next year’s season! The Lady Lynx will head to Basis School Flagstaff on Tuesday for a play-in game for the state tournament. If they win, they will play another game on Thursday. If they lose, the Lady Lynx volleyball season will draw to a close. Either way, great job to the volleyball team this year for their successes in the season and individually on the court!

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