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Kanab Police Department report multiple dogs severely injured by pellet guns

The Kanab Police Department’s (KPD) animal control officers have reported several instances of dogs being recovered with injuries from being fired on by pellet guns. In some cases, these dogs required life-saving medical care as a result of pellet gun inflicted injuries.

Left to right:

  • Pellets can do more harm than expected as a result of lodging in the target’s skin, causing infection and other complications. Photos courtesy of the Kanab City Police Department.

  • Initially thought to be pregnant, the dog was actually swollen from pellet shots. She is in recovery after the removal of the pellets.

According to Police Chief Tom Cram, the latest such instance was a retriever who was taken in on the east end of Kanab because the recovering officers believed she was pregnant. On investigation, the dog’s swollen stature was a result of infection and scar tissue surrounding pellet gun pellets that had gotten lodged beneath the animal’s skin. Animal control brought the dog in for medical aid, where she was treated, including removing the pellets.

“I understand getting annoyed with barking dogs,” said Chief Cram, “but shooting them with a pellet gun is pretty cruel. Animal Cruelty can be a felony in some cases - when you’ve got a dog barking, or any other noise complaint, just call it in to us and we’ll come deal with it.”

Per the KPD’s sources that helped treat the injured dog in this latest case, the animal required medical attention or the infection could have become life threatening. For animal control, and to report other noise complaints, citizens can call the KPD’s non-emergency number at (435) 644-2403.

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