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Introducing Weston Daley, 2023 Southern Utah News Vacation Guide cover photographer

Selecting a cover photograph for the annual Southern Utah News Vacation Guide is never an easy task - we have a staggering number of beautiful photo-ops in this area, and just as many eager photographers roving out to capture them. The chosen photo will front thousands and thousands of guides, representing the beauty of this area and its potential to visitors from all over the globe, so the decision is not made lightly!

Left to right:

  • Weston Daley, an Orderville native, flanked by his wife Ashley and their two children, holds his prize money and a copy of the 2023 Southern Utah News Vacation Guide. Photo by Brooke Knighton.

  • 2023 SUN Vacation Guide cover.

With those stakes in mind, we offer our congratulations and our thanks to Weston Daley, the winner of 2023’s photo contest! It is no surprise that a canyoneering guide like Weston has a camera full of beautiful shots of the area, and the photo we selected for the guide has a mix of color, contrast and personality that suits the tone of the guide pretty much to perfection. Daley lives in the area with his wife and kids, and he says that he loves sharing his photography and the stories that come along with it. In his words, “profound beauty is difficult to capture, but I enjoy trying.”

Anyone interested can see Weston’s photography and more in Southern Utah News’ 2023 Vacation Guide, published and out for distribution as of this week - the guides are free, and can be found in most of the stores, gas stations, hotels and sit-down spots in Kanab, as well as a few select locations in the surrounding region. Naturally, we can also provide plenty for pickup at the Southern Utah News office, or add anyone wishing to distribute the guides to our delivery list - consider them as a welcoming addition to a short-term rental or as a souvenir for family from out of town.

Thank you again to Weston Daley, and to everyone who submitted photographs for the cover photo competition! Thanks as well to the sponsors, advertisers, distributors and content contributors that make the vacation guide possible. The Southern Utah News is generally a publication focused on the local community and its goings-on - not the most accessible subjects for visitors - so we are grateful for the opportunity to publish content geared toward the visitors to the town and contribute to the tourism economy each year.

Anyone wishing to place free copies of the vacation guide for distribution can email Southern Utah News at Contact@ to be added to be our delivery list or to request copies as needed. Stay SUNny, readers.

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