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Introducing 'Tourists in our town'

The Wheat family, Pleasant Grove, Utah, loves coming to visit Kanab.

Why do people love to visit our little corner of the desert? ‘Tourists in our town’ explores why people love making Kane County a part of their traveling experience.

The Wheat family enjoys taking the “back way” home, through Kanab, to Pleasant Grove, on their way back from frequent trips to Arizona. They love the beauty and small town feeling that Kanab has to offer.

On their most recent visit, mother of the Wheat crew, Danielle, shared, “We noticed a local city activity. It was a non-profit that teaches how to use telescopes to enjoy the night sky, along with light pollution and how to minimize it.

“On April 9, we met with Rich and Mark, along with other volunteers. It was so informative and our boys loved looking through the telescopes and learning about all the different constellations. We actually ended up renting a telescope and taking it back to the cabin. We used it every night until we left.

“This program was very kid and family-friendly. We have already mentioned it to friends and family who are going to attend the next time they are passing through Kanab. I’m so glad we were able to fit it into our vacation. It’s just one more thing that makes Kanab a great place to visit!”

The Wheat family looks forward to returning to Kanab as often as they can!

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