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Frosty’s Cleaning Co. is celebrating 30 years of business and looking forward to 30 more!

Ever since Frosty’s was created in 1992, our amazing customers have always been our top priority and the reason for our success! We know we wouldn’t have made it to 30 years without you! As a way to say thank you for supporting us through the years we have some great giveaways you can enter to win until January 15, 2023.

Cell: (435) 616-0311.

Office: (435) 648-2233

  • Giveaway #1: Two lucky winners will receive $75 off of any service.

  • Giveaway #2: 10 lucky winners will receive Frosty’s Cleaning Co. merchandise plus 15 percent off of any service!

  • Giveaway #3: Five lucky winners will receive merchandise from Frosty’s Cleaning Co.

To enter to win giveaway #1, #2, and #3 call or text us your name and contact info. The winners will be notified in January 2023!

  • Giveaway #4: one lucky winner will receive two free cleanings for the year of 2023 (valued at $300 dollars) plus merchandise from Frosty’s Cleaning Co.

To win giveaway #4, you must decode the hidden message in the paragraphs about “The History of Frosty’s!” If you think you know the correct answer give us a call!

Our cleaning services include: Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs, Mattresses and Hard Surfaces.

Best of luck!

The History of Frosty’s

Shane and Judy Frost created Frosty’s from the ground up in 1992 when they realized they were ready for a career change. Shane had been working in consTruction and knew he was spending too much time awAy from his growing family. He was ready to be his own boss, and wanted his next job to be one where he could determine his own hours and spend more time with his family. So Shane and his wife Judy started coNtemplating their options.

Frosty’s got many, many years of use out of their first van. Photos submitted by Brittney Johnson.

Judy soon realized that there were no professional carpet cleaning companies nearby. She wondered if that type of business was even worth considering since neither of them Knew anything about cleaning floors. They agreed that the residents in the area could greatly benefit from having easy accEss to those services, so they decided to at least look into it. It wasn’t long before they decided the cleaning industry would be a good fit for them, so they went to Work figuring out how to get startEd.

They got their first business loan and bought all of the needed equipment, including an old GarField County Ambulance that they converted into their first cleaning van (thanks to Shane’s handyman skills). They named the business “Frosty’s” as a way to tie it tO their last name. They knew from the beginning that everyone who heard the name would think of “Frosty the Snowman” so they decided to just embrace it! When a local artist named Janice Esplin heard about their new business venture, she offered to create a hand drawn snowman logo foR them! They ended up loving the logo and it has been part of the company ever since. All Janice wanted in return was to be thEir first customer, and they made sure that she was!

Shane and Judy were then the proud owners of Frosty’s, but the work was just beginning! They got the word out to aS many locals and business owners that they could to see who needed cleaning done. They dIdn’t have cell phones or the internet to help spread the word back then, so they traveled, put up fliers, called, and spoke to everyone they could to help get the word out. It wasn’t long before their efforts started Paying off - people started contacting them on their home office phone to schedule appointments! Before long they had found quite a few customers and businesses that they were cleaning for regularly. It didn’t take long for those customers to become more than just customers to Shane and Judy - many of them became lifelong friends.

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In their second year of business ownership, Frosty’s was contacted by business owners outside of Kane County and they were able to begin branching out to serve Garfield County as well. They would soon need a second cleaning machine. Shane (also known as Frosty) has always been a welder/fabricator, so he Put his skills to use again to custom build their first carpet cleaning trailer to house their second cleaning machine. As the years went by they continued adding new trailers and equipment to the company and retiring the Old.

As Frosty’s continued to grow, so did the Frost family. All three of their children (Anthony, Sean, and Brittney) grew up working with their dad and leaRning the trade. Shane really enjoyed getting to work with his kids. He definitely expected a lot out of them when they worked though. They had to be dressed nicely, use Their manners, work hard and efficiently if they wanted to get paid. It was very important that they pre-sprayed the areas evenly, and rolled the hoses up properly (they still like to joke about ‘the talk’ they would get if their dad didn’t think the hoses were rolled up to his standard.)

It has been amazing for Shane and Judy to look back and see what has become of their hard work and dreams. They had high hopes That one of their children would someday be able to continue the legacy they started, and would occasionally ask their kids if any of thEm wanted to own Frosty’s in the future. Their sons always said that they might be interested, but their daughter always said shE never wanted to own it. They were very hopeful that one of their sons would still want it in the future, but they really just waNted them to be happy whatever they decided to do.

As time went on, their children all graduated high school and moved out. Their younGest two children found different jobs, but their oldest son, Anthony continued to work for Frosty’s. It was pretty safe to assume that he would likely own the business someday. After Brittney got married, her husband David was able to work for Frosty’s Until he could find a more permanent job, and during his time with Frosty’s he realized that he really enjoyed cleaning carpets. His love for carpet cleaning worried Brittney a little bit, because she didn’t want Frosty’S to be in their future. About a year later David was able to find a new job - a job he always said that he would gladly quit at any time if he had the chance to own Frosty’s someday. Brittney didn’t see that as a possibility for their future since her brother was most likely going to own it, so she didn’t worry much about it.

Five years went by and David was in a good position witH his job, but different opportunities had come up for Anthony and he wanted to pursue them instead of owning Frosty’s. He planned on paving his own path just like his parents had, but his ultimate goal was to do it through real estate. Since David had A good, steady job, Brittney thought he had changed his mind about ever taking over Frosty’s … but as soon as she told David that her brother had found a different job, he told her he wanted To quit his job and own Frosty’s. Brittney wasn’t prepared for that at all! She felt terrified about all of the “what ifs” that come with business ownership, but not David. He knew they could find success because her parents had worked so hard to make it such a great company! He begged her to seize this opportunity with him. Before she knew it, she settled in to the one job she thought she’d never have: owning Frosty’s!

Frosty’s owners David and Brittney Johnson stand beside Brittney’s parents and former owners, Judy and Shane Frost.

Brittney and David Johnson became the official new owners oF Frosty’s Cleaning Co. in 2020 and they made the necessary company name change to better encompass the business on theiR side of ownership. The previous name “Frosty’s Cleaning and Sales” worked Out for Shane and Judy becauSe Shane sold custom metal/ fabrication work on the side. David and Brittney aren’t fabricators in anyway so Frosty’s Cleaning Co. fiTs them much better.

Now that Brittney owns The business she grew up working for, she’s come to realize how amazing the company really is. She feEls so grateful that her parents worked so hard to grow Frosty’s so it would provide for their family, because it now provides for hers too, and having her parents as mentors and supporters has made it A lot less stressful. Her and David are so glad they get to play a small part in celebrating how far Frosty’s haS come over 30 years!

David and Brittney both agree that the customers are one of the best parts of the job. They are always so genErous, kind, and supportive! Owning Frosty’s has shown them how many good people there are in the world. Not long ago, Brittney’s uncle passed away unexpectedly, and about a month later David was cleaning for a customer that happened to own a lot of the handmade, wooden trucks that her uncle had built. David told her how awesome the trucks were, and mentioned that he and Brittney felt really sad that he died before he finished making a wooden diesel for their little boy. She didn’t even hesitate to give David one of her own trucks that her uncle had made for her, just so that they could have one to remember him by - and that’s just one example of how amazing the customers are! David’s favorite part of the job is the people that he meets and gets to know when he cleans for them. Shane and Judy have endless stories of the kindness shown to them by those they cleaned for. From the Frost and Johnson Families, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting Frosty’s. We are so, so grateful for all of our customers!




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