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Fredonia’s Independence Day

Wow! What a great Fourth of July celebration this year in Fredonia!! We have so many people to thank for making this year such a success.

Right to left:

  • Bygnal Dutson leads the Fredonia parade with the American flag, followed by Lynn Ballard carrying the Arizona state flag with the assistance of his mom and pony, Laverne.

  • The Classic Life Flight helicopter made a grand entrance! Photo by Daisy Johnson.

  • Tylee Johnson, Alie Johnson and Katy Ballard were the first-place winners in the sand volleyball tournament.

  • The Kinne bothers enjoying their time inside the helicopter. Photo courtesy of Diedra Kinne.

We had a big crowd at our annual town BBQ on July 3. Thank you Don Johnson for the delicious roast beef and dutch oven potatoes. Thank you, Quade Johnson, Ronnie Peden, Bill, Lesilyn, Jordyn and Payton Hengen for all your help; you guys are awesome. Thank you, Caroline Grover, Mayor Christy Riddle and Councilmen Frank Banks. We also want to thank Glaziers Market and Honey’s Marketplace for their willingness to always help out; the rolls were a big hit.

We appreciate the Fredonia School District for sponsoring our Movie at the Park. Thank you, Lisa Allen for overseeing the evening.

A big shout out to our local fire department for the outstanding firemen breakfast on July Fourth, and to all those who donated to the cause. It was a big success, and everyone had an enjoyable time.

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Our hometown parade this year turned out amazing! Thank you so much to Sonya Kimball and her crew, Cathy Chell and Trish Spendlove for all their hard work. Thank you, Steve Browning, for announcing our parade. Thank you to all the parade judges, we couldn’t have had such a successful parade without your willingness to participate!

Thank you, Ron and Tonya Johnson, for the beautiful program this year. It is always an honor to hear from our local Veterans.

A big shout out to our local law enforcement for their first annual First Responders Event. This included all our local officers, Jason Peterson, Andrew Smith and Paul Karsky, Coconino County Officer Jacob Christensen, our local fire department and, to top it all off, the Classic Life Flight Helicopter made a grand entrance landing on the softball field. It was great fun for everyone! Thank you so much for adding so much to our Fourth of July!

The three tournaments went off without a hitch! Thank you, Brooke Kimball and Thempi Brinkerhoff for all you hard work on organizing the sand volleyball games. The winners were: first place, Alie Johnson, Katy Ballard and Tylee Johnson; second place, Danaille Tait, Kailese Tait and Jaidyn Rosser; and third place, Easton Hill Wyatt Kimball and Brooke Kimball. Can’t wait for next year!

Our inaugural Three on Three Basketball Tournament was spread across both July 3 and 4. Thank you so much Randi Tait for all your hard work getting everything together. The final winners were announced on July Fourth: first place, The Headed Monsters; second place, the Ada Judd Family; and third place, The Robinson Boys.

Nick and Tammie Zaccaria were the big winners for the second year in a row at the Annual Cornhole Tournament. Celeb Utter and Austin Anderson came in second place and Wyatt Kimball and Easton Hill were the third-place winners. Thank you, Waylon and Bailie Robinson for your willingness to help out.

A big shout out to Gary and Doreen Mudrow, Dane and Melony Allen and the RCR Girls for making the Midway Games a hit for all the kids. Thank you, Steve and Crystal Mognett; we could not have had those wonderful games and prizes without your help. Vicki Hooper (Kanabazon), we can’t thank enough for coming through for us again with all the wonderful prizes for the kids! Thank you, Sheila McArther for sharing you love of painting with the kids. We could not have pulled this off without our wonderful city crew: Skyler Palmer, Clayton Johnson, Brandon Johnson and Keith Stewart (aka Stewey.) The park looked awesome. Thank you so much, you guys rock!

Thank you for all of those who donated to help make this day a great success!

  • South Central Broadband

  • Fredonia Short Stop

  • Ron and Tonya Johnson

  • Lamar Heaton and Lisa Allen for the delicious salsa

  • The Fredonia Library (Tonya Johnson) for all the wonderful flyers

  • Fredonia Civic Committee

  • Two anonymous donors

Thank you to all our family members who stepped up and helped. We love and appreciate you!




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