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Fredonia founders remembered

The heritage of our community is the fortitude, faith and grit left to us by those who tamed the desert, and at the Red Pueblo Museum and Heritage Park in Fredonia, we remember our history.

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A display honoring five of Fredonia’s Founding Families is featured in one of Red Pueblo Museum’s outdoor cases. Photo courtesy of Lonnie Spendlove.

A new display honoring five of Fredonia’s Founding Families is now featured in one of our refurbished outdoor display cases. The stories bring to life the hardy pioneers who established homes, farms and businesses here. Learning the history brings gratitude for the ease of our current lives and appreciation for the sacrifices of the early settlers of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We gratefully recognize the efforts of Launa Spendlove, Cody Spendlove, the Fredonia Historical Society, Marilynn Johnson, Dixie Judd and Georgia Heaton in making this engaging exhibit come to life.

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Here’s a slice of the history shared: Lorum Pratt was called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to settle in the area seven miles south of Kanab in 1885. He began by building a corral for his animals, then he and his daughter, Estella, lived in a wagon box throughout the first winter until he could build a house the following spring.

Visit the Red Pueblo Museum and Heritage Park to discover the true tales and legacy of our forefathers!

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