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Fredonia Elementary School second graders hit AR Goal for first quarter

Mrs. Crookston’s second grade class hit their AR goal for the first quarter!

Left to right: back row: Mrs. Crookston, Cayden Allred, Sierra Cluff, Easton Bradley, Alana Nelson. Front row: Caiden Tabor, Journey Tom, Bristol Palmer, Quinn Till. Not pictured: Zak Wilmarth and McKenzie Beecroft.

The student’s goals are based on their reading level, meaning each student has a different target number to hit. Students have to read a book and then take a test on it, if they score below a 60 percent (quizzes with three, five or 10 questions) they don’t pass. Each book has its own reading level and points.

Mrs. Crookston’s class worked incredibly hard to hit their individual goals and their hard work will be rewarded with an AR party filled with games and treats. Great job second grade. Keep up the hard work!

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