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Coyote Sky Tacos – an honest review

Much of the time, the food scene sees going vegan or vegetarian as a sacrifice - oftentimes treating such dishes with a “yeah, the burgers are vegan but you’ll be surprised, they’re almost as good as a real burger” disdain. Well, in this critic’s humble opinion, the vegan dishes from Coyote Sky Tacos not only defy that ‘almost as good’ label, but they’re genuinely tasty on the general scale of taco goodness. If I hadn’t been told beforehand that the tacos were vegan, the thought wouldn’t even have crossed my mind.

It’s not hard to spot the lovely sunset colors of the Coyote Sky Taco truck. Photo by Ty Gant.

For the sake of this review, I went with the two items most recommended to me by the folks I’d asked about Coyote Sky: The Southern Soul - bbq, pickle, chili-lime and a touch of mezcal - and the Frida Fajita - asada, with lime, ancho chili and pico de gallo. I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of a good carne asada, so I was skeptical of a “no-steak steak” taco going in - but I must say, the dish impressed me. The taste was an excellent mix of savory and crisp. The veggies were fresh, and there are few things I enjoy as much as a touch of lime zest to go with a savory dish. Excellent.

I found the flavors, as is appropriate for a 100 percent plant-based menu, to be very green. Between the pico, the lime, and the pickle on the Southern, the taste was more salad than steak, but it’s a darn good salad, and the savory touches were plenty to satisfy the craving for asada. If you’re looking for something heartier, the addition of Claudia’s Black Beans can round out any of the items on the menu.

I did not have the opportunity to try the much-touted nachos, but there were plenty of nearby visitors who had good things to say about them: “They’re the best item on the menu. The place should be called ‘Coyote Sky Nachos, with optional tacos.’” There were hearty agreements offered by other folks in earshot, but they were unintelligible, as they were spoken around mouthfuls of nacho chips and cheese.

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In terms of service, the folks aboard the food truck were social, kind and - most importantly - prompt. There was a decent crowd queued up when I arrived, but I had my order taken and ready within a few minutes. They’re a hardworking crew, and were in excellent humor as they recommended favorite items and answered questions on what went with what. Thanks particularly to Claudia - she clearly knows what she’s doing!

Any of the tacos are around $4. The nice folks working the truck recommended two if I was hungry, and that recommendation was on point; one taco would suit for a snack, but I would aim for $8 for two if you wanted a meal. Another fun selling point is the addition of the fabled Mexican Coke - Coca Cola as it’s made south of the Rio Grande, sweetened with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I don’t know if it’s just the placebo effect for me or not, but to my taste, the less-processed cane sugar version is vastly superior. I’m glad for a place to get it on occasion. So, if you’re looking for a spending scale, two tacos and a coke end up around $11 for an average visit.

Coyote Sky sets up shop Friday through Sunday, next to the Raven’s Heart gallery. You can double check their hours and locations - it’s a food truck after all, mobility is kind of the point - online. They have thus far been good about keeping their online presence for things like Google maps updated. My final ratings for Coyote Sky: Taste, 7.5/10; Service, 10/10; Experience, 7/10 (as with all food trucks, there’s not a lot of seating, and you’re exposed to the whims of the weather.)

Overall, a lovely little spot with some great niche food. Worth trying for any taco lover, and definitely worth trying for anyone with an exclusively plant-based diet.




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