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Cowgirls are alive in Kane County

If you live or visit Kane County it’s quite obvious that Cowboys are alive and well in our area. Kanab High School’s logo is the Kanab Cowboy. Throughout the County there are real cowboys working the cattle, moving them from winter to summer range. Permits on the Arizona strip and private owners provide homes for these cattle. So, of course, the product is kids who grow up with the Cattle men. This has encouraged the arena sport of rodeoing, which is also alive in this county.

Cowgirl Candice Brinkerhoff in her element. Photo by Larry Stanger.

One young lady, Candice Brinkerhoff, knows about cattle ranching. Branding, cutting, gathering and loading are all words that she is very familiar with. Her late Grandpa, Leon Brinkerhoff was a real cowboy. He could ride and rope with the best of them. The daughter of Kristy and Lance Brinkerhoff knows firsthand from her grandfather what it is like to work the cattle.

Candace spoke of her experience: “ I love rodeo, my horses and my friends I have made along the way. Rodeo has taught me that I can do hard things.”

A cowgirl is known for her commitment to work hard and to build a relationship with her horse. This building of confidence does not always come easily, but is earned and sometimes harder than it seems. It has been a pleasure to watch this young lady in the arena as she has worked through some fears and has earned the respect of a skilled, competitive horse woman. Congratulations Candice and good luck in this year’s competition.


What is a cowgirl? She’s born to ride and knows the sound of her father’s voice: “Get up, dust off and get back on the horse. It’s the cowboy way.” She knows freedom from the back of her horse and relishes the wind in her hair and the adrenal rush from the ride.

She’s a Junior Prom queen, with rope burns on her hands, and bruises on her arms, and boots underneath the floor length gown. She’s royalty showing off her first buckle. Most of all she is the pride of America as she enters the arena carrying the American flag, with a tear in her eye and a passion for the freedom she has earned and won as an amazing horsewoman.


If you are in town you might enjoy coming out and supporting the local rodeos, they are well worth the time, and you get to see some real great competitors. The food is great, too.




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