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ATV rider injured after 50-foot tumble down Hog Canyon creekside

According to a report from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, a group of four ATV riders were on their way to Hog Canyon, off a trail near Highway 89 when the rear-most driver lost control of her vehicle and went off a nearby bank toward the Kanab Creek.

Left to right, photos courtesy of Rod Willis:

  • The injured driver was transported by medical helicopter to St George Regional Hospital.

  • The driver had fallen about 50 feet down the cliff side, and the ATV almost 75 feet.

  • There were no reported indications of what caused the driver to lose control.

When first responders arrived, they found the driver seriously injured about 50 feet down the incline, and the ATV about 75 feet down the creek. After a medical assessment, the driver was determined to be in serious condition with multiple severe injuries, and she was taken by medical helicopter to the St. George Regional Hospital.

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The incident occurred at about 8 a.m., around Milepost 65. The report did not speculate on what caused the driver to lose control.

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