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A Kanookie for two: Brown Box review

When I wrote about the grand opening of Brown Box several months ago, I talked about the history of the place, the local influence the Brown family has had, the touching story of how Nate and Bobbie started their ice cream and all the ways things had to go just right to see the Brown Box come together. Among all of that narrative and quote-reporting, the article - whose topic was a burgeoning bake shop I’ll remind you - was distinctly lacking something: an actual review on the food. So, by popular request, I have a few opinions to offer in review of the Brown Box Bake Shop. I’ve sampled most of their menu by this point, and I have a few personal favorites and combinations I’d recommend.

ice cream
A Kanookie a la mode, served still warm in its skillet - presented next to Brown Box’s wall of memories from happy visitors. Photo by Ty Gant.

Starting off strong, we’ll cover the basics of the Brown Box menu. It’s not called a bake shop for nothing, and honestly the cookies and ice cream are the highlights of the Brown Box experience. They’ve got options on options, and with enough patience any person with a sweet tooth will find a combination they like. My personal favorite is a Scotchy-dough Kanookie with Salted Caramel Pretzel on top, with some warm fudge or caramel to keep things soft - though I am a sugar addict, and for some that may be sweetness overload, in which case I recommend chocolate chip dough instead. Still sweet, but with chocolate’s signature mellow touch to even things out. My opinion on Salted Caramel Pretzel stands - probably the best ice cream flavor of the bunch, with honorable mentions for Banana Cream Pie and Andes Mint.

It must be noted that the Kanookie is big. If you’re a really big eater you could probably manage one alone, but in my opinion, it is best shared - if you’re visiting the Brown Box alone, stick with a regular cookie instead.

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So that’s my take on the sweet; what about the savory? Most of the Brown Box’s menu variety comes from their cookie and ice cream options, but that’s not necessarily bad news. When a food joint knows they have a few specific items to work on, they can perfect those items, and it is my personal opinion that the Tomato Basil Soup is dang near perfect. Brown Box’s grilled cheese paired with homemade tomato basil is a solid choice. The menu does offer a few options for grilled cheeses, and most of them come down to personal preference - though I find the textures are generally best on the Classic and Fancy versions. The other options add toppings like jam, jalapeño cream cheese or balsamic glaze, and if those flavors appeal to you then give them a shot, but I find the best part of a grilled cheese is its texture, and that texture holds up best on the more straightforward sandwiches.

As far as experience goes, the Brown Box is wonderfully cozy, with big tables, couches and a very homey decor. The staff has been friendly every time I’ve visited, and the times I’ve asked for a recommendation show they know their menu and can make solid suggestions given the chance. My only criticism is in line with the nature of the establishment: wait times. Like many places in Kanab, your best bet - especially during tourist spikes like summer or near festivals - is to call an order in ahead of time and come in to pick it up whenever it’s ready. If it’s a busy day, you will find yourself waiting for a good bit of time to get anything hot; such is the cost of the personal touch of a restaurant like this one.

Speaking of costs, Brown Box is pretty affordable compared to similar spots in Kanab, coming in at a touch below average price for the amount and quality of food you get. A Kanookie a la mode for two runs about $10, an ice cream cookie sandwich about $7, and a soup, sandwich and cookie combo shakes out to about $8.

With all that in mind, I can give Brown Box a hearty recommendation, especially to those who have a sweet tooth like me.




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