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Vehicle hits Fredonia Port of Entry; driver still at large

On the morning of September 20, at approximately 2 a.m., a northbound vehicle traveling in the southbound lane crashed into the Fredonia Port of Entry building. The vehicle hit the guardrail in front of the building, broke a window, then continued towards a fence on the north side of the property. Tracks indicate the vehicle came to a stop, backed out and then headed south on what appeared to be the vehicle rims.

The vehicle was located abandoned on First East Street and seized for evidence. The driver is still at large. Photos courtesy of Daisy Johnson.

The abandoned vehicle was later found on First East Street in Fredonia and was seized for evidence. At the time of writing, the driver has not been apprehended. Charges include leaving scene of an accident and criminal damage over $1000. This incident is still under investigation.

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