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Valley linksters’ tumble shows vulnerabilities heading into homestretch

On Wednesday, April 19, the Buffalos grazed onto the recently snowed upon greens and brisk cool breezes of the historic former Utah State Capitol of Fillmore for a tournament hosted by Bryce Valley, rounding-up into third-place Team finishes for both Valley entries. The Boys were led by Ivan Spencer’s 78 and Cooper Chamberlain’s 82 strokes for #2 and #4, respectively, in the Top Individuals category. Johnny Cox and Boede Cox added their scores to the Team’s official 351 total. Keenan Chamberlain’s 99 and Warren Spencer’s 109 closed it out.

Photos by Jerry Melrose (left to right):

  • “So, me and Cooper,” starts Ivan, “Cooper’s staying pretty consistent, I’m staying pretty consistent. I feel like the other three or four team members) just didn’t have a good day today. And, I mean, that just happens: new courses. I mean they just need to get their experience; but, like, it was breezy today, and that’s a big factor. And then, I just see us as a team the next couple of weeks, especially just getting ready for State: getting together and just working as a team to pull us through.”

  • “I felt like I was going a little downhill,” said Rachel, “so, I just called Jeremy and said, ‘Hey, can you just help me with my swing; come help me with my drive. I think I just play better when you’re watching.’ And it turned out good, and wound-up getting fourth.”

Rachel Cox’s 103 and Kaylee Brinkerhoff’s 105 ranked them #4 and #5 among the Top Individuals. Julia Hoyt’s 127 and Andee Anderson’s 130 completed their 465 four-member tally, while Tenacie Roundy contributed 143 to the team effort.

“So, Fillmore is a little tough,” lamented Coach Jeremy Chamberlain following the match. “Our kids didn’t shoot as well as we were hoping. Had two weeks off from spring break. And, Ivan: I was actually really happy with Ivan. He shot in the 70’s; that was really good! The [other] guys didn’t shoot as well as I think they were hoping, nor were we. But, we were only four strokes off the lead, one stroke out of second-place.

“Our girls are great!” he elated, “they’re kinda’ staying consistent right there. So, all-in-all, I’m happy with them. We’ve got another [tournament] coming on Monday [makeup for rain-delay, previously scheduled for March 22.] So, we’ve only two days of practice, and back at it Monday. Then, two more days of practice and another day of tournament Thursday [the 27, in Beaver hosted by Milford] and then the Region [May 3, in Richfield hosted by Piute.] So, kinda’ crunchtime. We gotta’ get after it.

“Rachel’s been in the Top 5 almost every time this year. She just mentioned to me she wants to break that. She wants to get into the top one or two. She works hard; I’m really happy with her. Julie did really well two weeks ago: won a tournament. She and Ivan are working hard on their swing. What’s difficult with golf is you’re trying to adjust something, but I think she’ll get there as well. I think we’ll be right where we need to be, come Region.

“Coop, he’ll rebound and, yeah, Johnny, he’s the surprise of the year for us! He was a little disappointed for himself, but I think we’ll stay patient with him and he’ll come around as well. For sure, when it’s cold your hands hurt and your feet hurt; it’s hard to stay concentrating.”

“Just a perspective on myself,” commented Rachel. “I felt good about my score. It’s frustrating ‘cause I didn’t feel good about every hole. Like, obviously, there’s holes that I’ve gotta’ do better on: Not shank ones, not taking an eight. I didn’t get any nine’s [the highest score registered for any hole], which was good. So, for sure I want to push myself a little harder; but our overall score, I think, was pretty good. And just as a team, I think we’re in a little bit of a slump right now, but I think we’ll get back into it as soon as State rolls around.”

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