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Valley falls again against Piute, then floods Green River

by Jerry Melrose

Slugger-candidate Zach Burroughs swings for the fences eyeing the long-ball into right field during the Buffalos 7-1 loss to Piute on August 18. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Of the Green River Pirates away game on Friday, August 20, in which the Buffalos scored 12 runs in the first-inning before their first out, coach Lance Peterson began, “Yes, it was a good win for us. Previously, on Wednesday, we had lost to Piute at home, and we felt we did not perform well. So, we had quite a practice on Thursday and did a ton of hitting.

“Then we went to Green River. And, you know, we didn’t play extremely well, but we did what we needed to do. Green River had some errors early in the game that kind of put them out of it. It was hard for them; we ended up winning 14-0. And got some kids in."

“So, it was good for us, but we’ve got a big week coming up. We’ve got Panguitch and Wayne (and on Wednesday, September 1, at home with Pinnacle). And our bats have got to come alive, or we’re going to be in a world of hurt. So, hopefully, with practice paying off, we’re starting to hit the ball a little better.”

First-baseman Zach Burroughs agrees, “I think that, while we still have lots to improve on, as every team does, that we’re doing pretty good. We’re improving each week with our different games. Our fielding is looking a lot better than it did at the beginning of the season. And our batting is still lagging a little bit. We’ll get that done and we’ll get slugging the ball really good!”

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