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Two-car accident on Highway 89A, north of Fredonia

Around 11 a.m., on Thursday, October 19, a white, single cab, Ford Truck traveling southbound on 89A hit the side of a silver Volvo car as the car attempted to exit the parking lot of Create Room and turn north onto Highway 89A.

Photos by Daisy Johnson.

A member of the Fredonia Fire Department was traveling behind the Ford truck at the moment of impact and was able to offer immediate assistance. While the passenger of the silver car was transported to the local hospital, the drivers of both vehicles were unscathed.

This Volvo was severely damaged after being hit by a Ford truck.

Thank you to Fredonia Police Department, Kanab City Police, Utah Highway Patrol, Kanab Fire Department, Kanab EMTs and ADOT for your speedy response.

Thank you also to Ramsay Towing for quickly clearing the road.

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