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Town of Orderville holds meet the candidates night

The Town of Orderville held a meet and greet event for Town Board candidates on August 21, 2023, at 6 p.m., at the North Event Center. There are two seats open on the board, and five candidates are vying for the positions.

More than 30 people turned out to meet the candidates for town board in Orderville at the North Event Center on August 21. Photo by Don Jennings.

Robert Lacey is stepping down after one term, and Chelcie Cox is incumbent and running for a second term. Other candidates include Shaun Sharkey, Emalene Lake, Kellie Frost and Joseph Sorensen.

Kelly Lamb of Glendale was the moderator, explaining that there would be a structure of two-min- ute responses to questions from the public following opening statements from each candidate. Summary statements from each candidate would then close out the evening.

Sharkey opened by saying he loved growing up in Orderville and raising his kids here, and that’s why he’s running – to make the town a better place to live and to help it grow positively. Lake, also born and raised in Orderville, said she’d like to see the town grow for families, as well, and enjoys working to support the community. Cox mentioned her agenda as an incumbent board member includes ongoing work with roads in the area, noting that she’s running for a second term because four years didn’t feel like enough time to get things done. Frost said she’s running because of the potential she sees in Orderville and her willingness to work hard to help the town grow.

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Joseph Sorensen was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, but Kelly Lamb read a statement at the end of the evening that included Sorensen saying he’s excited to be running for the position and that he’s running because he loves the town, has been attending town board meetings for two years and is ready and willing to serve, and that he feels strongly about protecting property rights.

Questions from the audience included:

What are two or three projects you think the town should invest in?

Shaun mentioned the pool, a splash pad and a shooting range. Chelcie mentioned a park and bike path for the town, as did Emalene and Kellie. What particular skillset would you bring to the board? Chelcie mentioned her experience and ability to work with the county. Emalene spoke of her experience working on behalf of the community over the years. Kellie spoke of her love for the community and willingness to work hard. Shaun pointed out that he’s known as a hardworking member of the community and willing to listen to all sides of the issues.

What are your personal plans opinions about how to manage the growth we’re all so worried about?

All four candidates spoke about growth being inevitable, and that a thoughtful and careful approach is an important part of growing responsibly. Shaun mentioned he’s a supporter of property rights, and that there’s probably not a one-size-fits-all answer for the question of growth. All the candidates said that getting input from all members of the community is an important part of the process.

Would you put a cap on the number of Air BnB and VRBO-type short-term rental properties in town?

Every candidate answered “yes” to this question, while acknowledging it would be a difficult policy to create and enforce fairly, especially with regard to individual property rights.

Summary statements from the candidates echoed their opening statements, with each candidate expressing a desire to participate in the positive growth of the town they love.

Toward the end of the meeting Orderville Mayor Lyle Goulding stated, “I just want to say that we have a lot of good options. Each of these candidates are great candidates,” adding, “Make sure you get your ballots in and get your vote counted and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.”




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