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Tourists in our town

Ally Eash and Aaron Weise exploring the sand dunes in Kane County.

Every good story has a strong start, after all, the first step is often the scariest. That trepidation, or more accurately, its conquering, is what impressed the interviewer most when speaking to Ally Eash and Aaron Weise.

They describe the start of their cross-country journey with these words: “We sold our homes, everything we owned except for what we could pack into a fifty-pound bag each, and started our cross-country life.” Not only that, but when they described that first step of their adventure, both Ally and Aaron sported grins from ear to ear. “We can both work from wherever, so we figured, why not?” Ally explained.

The couple have been on their journey since November of 2020, and have been on the road since, keeping up with work from a distance and seeing exactly what a trip across the U.S. has to offer in the meantime.

They spent a few weeks in Flagstaff, where they’ve set up a sort of stepping-off point for many of their experiences in the area, and where they do much of their work as well. Aaron works in crisis management and response, and Ally is an IT specialist for Cortica, a healthcare company that performs and assists with - and the interviewer needed to ask this three times to get it just right - multidisciplinary therapies for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

When asked about their favorite part of visiting the Kanab area, they had an optimistic response: “I have a feeling it’s gonna be Peekaboo,” Aaron explained, graciously allowing the interview to take place only minutes before the couple were scheduled to set out on that very hike, “but we’ve also been doing some great geocaching here in the area. It’s been awesome: some of the caches out here even have puzzles or riddles, just simple little popsicle stick riddles, super fun ways to get us to the next clue.”

We followed up later, and as predicted, Ally was able to confirm, “The Peekaboo canyon tour (with some sand dunes and other adventures) was absolutely amazing, and definitely our favorite experience of the weekend!”

They described their intentions to head to the Grand Canyon next to do some rim-to-river hiking, looking to see exactly how far they could get in a day. It turns out, a smile, a fifty pound bag of personal belongings, and a little bit of adventurous spirit can take you pretty far!

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