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The Wild West welcomes Western Legends

Western Legends Parade of smiles and laughter with Bruce Boxleitner (How The West Was Won) and Rudy Ramos (Yellowstone and High Chaparral) waving in the buckboard. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

The unveiling of the All Women Town Council memorial plaque was part of the Western Legends festivities last weekend. Emily Bentley is shown explaining that the plaque memorial is a gift of “Better Days 2020” along the National Votes for Women Trail, the Road to the 19th Amendment, commemorating the century since its passing, while specifi - cally honoring Kanab’s “All Women Town Council Elected In 1911” with Saturday’s 5:30 p.m. dedication. It is one of eight designations on the Historic Marker Trail in our state, and the only one in southern Utah. This historic memorial plaque is now situated on the grounds of the Kanab Museum. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

Veterans presenting the colors during the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

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Mark Andrus is “62-years-young” by his own measure, and has earned his offi cial ceremonially-given mountain man name of “Duck Butt” aff ectionally assigned to him from a humorous incident during one of his several multi-state Rendezvous gatherings. This is his fi fth Western Legends outing for the three-club member. “We really like spreading the historical aspects of the mountain man stuff . The way I dress and camp when I go deer-hunting with a fl int-lock 50-caliber long rifl e, it really aggravates the guys with the in-line guns with their 5th-wheels and their side-by-sides, who shoot with modern guns.” He used to be an RV repairman, but since he lost his business during Covid, he now makes aluminum doors and windows in Hurricane. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

The Wayne Hoskins Band, from Salt Lake City, is the winner of this year’s Country Battle USA competition for the $10,000 prize presented by Camille Johnson Taylor. They are (L-R): Clark Cannon, Jake Dinsdale, Dustin Wayne, Justin Lord, Dave Lund and Michael Higgins. “We had a great time,” exudes leader Dustin Wayne. “Love this city! Wish we could come back. In fact, we’re talking to them about coming next year for a couple of appointments. Loved meeting some of the other bands. Fantastic guys! We may have found some new watering hole partners. Yeah, great staff . Amazing people. We love it!” Adds Camille Johnson Taylor: I just want to give a shout-out to the Tourism Team, because this was an amazing event. It was our fi rst year post-pandemic to throw out a full-show and a party. And they did a wonderful job.” Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

A moment of levity during a Star Panel Discussion with the audience. Along with “Hopalong” Cassidy (William Boyd) cut-out are (l-r): Rudy Ramos, Roberta Shore (The Virginian), Bruce Boxleitner, Kathy Garver (Family Aff air), Wyatt McCrae (High Chaparral) and moderator Cheryl Rogers Barnett, the daughter of singing cowboy, Roy Rogers. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

Cory Dixon, the eventual winner of the ‘less-than-full’ beard category, engaged with his interview in front of the judges by the notorious “Dr. Buck” of his back-lot Wild West Magic and Whip Shows. Cory is a retired Las Vegas union convention worker currently residing in Page. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

Longhorns horning in on the parade! Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Hyrum Hunter assisted by his seven-year-old grandson Hayze, is ‘fanning the fl ames’ while grandpa’s ‘iron’s in the fi re’ and camping overnight with Grandma Kellie along Highway 89. Hyrum enjoys “a little blacksmith work showing people what used to be done” and Hayze is learning “to make leaves,” he says. “That’s all I do. That’s all I do.” Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

The Badly Scattered Cattle Co. makes their grand entrance in the Western Legends High Noon Parade on Saturday, August 20. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.

John and Dusty Reese family canter through the parade with their son JW following on horseback. Photo and caption by Jerry Melrose.




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