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The need for a local rec center continues to be addressed

The Kanab City Council meeting on June 28 was brief and busy. Following the opening business, a lively public comment session began, populated by a strong showing of the local pickleball enthusiasts. A few representatives of the pickleball scene made their case before the city council seeking ways to expand access to the sport for locals and visitors, especially in the coming months when their current venue - provided by the county for now - will be under renovation.

Some proposed solutions were the overlaying of pickleball boundaries on the tennis courts, though concerns were voiced on a lack of indoor options during the heat of summer. No immediate action was taken, but the mayor and a few members of council volunteered to meet with the group for a more direct address of their concerns outside of dedicated council meeting hours.

Following the public comments, the meeting progressed into familiar refrains: budget, zoning, and property planning. A motion was passed to amend the 2021-2022 budget, with city attorney Kent Burggraaf stating, “The hope is … to ensure these items will be monitored more closely, and to make sure the department heads are held accountable.”

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After that amendment, a few more items were addressed regarding building regulations - how many driveways subdivision properties can have and the impact on curbing and guttering and what sort of permits are necessary to build fences above a certain height. Pertinent details for both issues, which ended up specific and granular, can be found on the city’s website.

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