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Southern Utah News is taking the first week of the New Year off while moving office locations

There’s a lot of exciting transitioning going on at the Southern Utah News of late - we are overhauling our digital system, updating our mailing processes to meet United States Postal Service federal code and moving locations! These changes mean big improvements for the paper and our subscribers, but these changes also mean extra work to get the new systems in place.

As such, we’ve got a few announcements to make! First and foremost, we’re aware of the issues caused by the shift to the new federally mandated mailing system. Some subscribers are getting papers late, some are getting two copies and some are getting no papers at all. We’re grateful for your patience, we’ve got a few potential solutions in the works, and we’re looking forward to settling back into a workable routine with the new year.

Second, in order to give us some legroom to get these systems in place and functioning, we’re taking a week’s hiatus on the newspaper for the first week in January. By foregoing the next issue of the Southern Utah News, our team will be able to finalize some of these dramatic changes and solve some of the growing pains inherent to such a big transition!

Finally, as part of the updates to the SUN’s business plan, we found our current location has a bit more space than we need, and we’ve found a lovely spot that puts us a little closer to the heart of downtown Kanab - the newspaper is moving our office to 32 South Main Street, formerly the location of Kanab Create and Ron’s Fresh Baked Bread, across the street from the Kanab Post Office and Jakey Leigh’s. Closer proximity to the post office may assuage some of our delivery woes, and the new location is a better fit for the newspaper’s team.

As a result of all of these shakeups and the inconsistencies with service they cause, we’ll be adding a few weeks to all of our subscriptions free of charge. After that, keep an eye out for updates on our digital services coming up soon. Many of you are well aware we’ve been reworking our online experience and our email database, so those improvements are on the horizon; we’re just looking to get the move and the physical mail issues sorted first.

Thanks as always for your support of the Southern Utah News! We love our readers, we love this community and we’re proud to be a part of it. We will continue to be able to be reached at We hope you have happy holidays, an inspiring new year and here’s to a great 2024.




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