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Social Science at Kanab High

The Social Science teachers at Kanab High School are Gary Glover & Kevin Orton. Additional courses are taught by Shellie Stewart (Psychology) and Mason Fox (American Leadership).

The goal of the U.S. Government course offered at Kanab High School is to help students become better informed, effective participants in American society and the American political system. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of the American political foundation and structures to be informed effective citizens. By the end of the year, students will understand the philosophical foundations and privileges of American citizenship guaranteed in the Constitution. They will gain a greater understanding of the governmental structures, processes, and principles that guide our great nation.

In the Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln declared that government in the United States of America is “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Under the Constitution, every citizen has an equal voice in the political process. Through voting and other forms of participation, individual citizens are the lifeblood of American government and politics.

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The Utah State Core Standards require that students understand the fundamental principles and moral values of American democracy as expressed in the Constitution and other essential documents of the American system. Students will identify the unique roles and responsibilities of the three branches of government and how these branches have separate power that check and balance the other to keep power limited. Students will have the opportunity to look at U.S. Supreme Court cases and analyze the decisions and interpretations made by Justices that shape public policy. Lastly students will be able to look at the amendment process and understand the freedoms and protections Americans have based on these changes in our Constitution.

The United States is constantly changing. The Democratic Republic that our founders created offers individual rights and freedoms for all Americans to enjoy and is something worth defending. It is the goal of the Social Studies department at Kanab High School to continue to teach the important standards that are available to all of our citizens.

Kanab High School offers many opportunities for students in our Social Science department. Starting in the ninth grade, students take World History and Geography. During Junior and Senior years U.S. History and U.S. Government classes are required. Other elective offerings include American Leadership, which includes military history, Psychology and additional courses offered through the concurrent enrollment program at Kanab High School.

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